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Sedona, Arizona, United States | SELF

Sedona, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Saith Wins Northern Arizona Singer/Songwriter Competition"

September 2009
In the recent, second annual "Appláz" Northern Arizona Singer/Songwriter Competition, one local songwriter stood triumphant as he received first prize for his exceptional skill in songwriting. What did he win? Saith will record one song with industry veteran and bonafide Big Shot, Mike Lattanzi in his ultra high-end Sedona based recording studio. From there, only the sky seems the limit for where things can go. The last artist from Sedona, Az that Lattanzi produced had her song heard by millions on the hit TV show, The Hills. You may have even heard it yourself. The song is entitled "Monday", by artist Zosia who co-wrote the tune with Lattanzi two years ago. From there, Zosia's career Took off. Saith didn't say much the night of the competition after he won and I asked him how he felt. He just humbly shrugged and said with confidence, "Onward and Upward!" Saith has both the appearance and presence of a true Rock Star in the making. You get the feeling when you hear him that he is already famous. Keep your eyes on this one! - Walter Garrig (The Saith Sound)
- The Sound

"Saith Interviewed on Northern Arizona's Sunny 100"

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- Sunny 100


Album - In This World (11 songs)
Radio Airplay - I'll ride Your Wave (From "In This World")
-Getty Get up (jelly bean Radio)
-"Now;s The Time" CJC Music Radio Network
Single - Seductive Logic
Single - Now's The Time

Self-produced album - Everywhere (22 songs) july 2011



Videos viewable on YouTube!!!

Saith was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, exposed to many styles of music growing up. The landmarks of his musical passion were always related to the power of music as a message. At three years old, We Are The World made a deep impression. At 9 years old, Black or White awakened a passion to sing it loud to the world. At 11 years old, he found his inner rocker with Nirvana, STP, Green Day, Offspring, and Aerosmith. At 12 he asked his parents for piano lessons as he discovered how it can evoke such powerful emotions, influenced by such artists as Danny Wright and George Winston. By 14 he began teaching himself guitar. At the same time, he was awakened to the power of music as a message via the Forest Gump soundtrack which ignited his interest in the revolutionary music of the 60’s and 70‘s. This is when he discovered John Lennon Imagine in his parent’s record collection which was the birth of his conscious desire to create powerfully pertinent music. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Police, and later on Seal, Peter Gabriel, Jamiroquai, Bjork, Daft Punk and more recently, Michael Franti played huge roles in awakening Saith to the unlimited Power of Music. He began writing songs in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Saith left College at Temple University where he was majoring in Theatre and moved to Sedona, Arizona to fully pursue his spiritual growth and discover his musical voice. Over the last 10 years, while teaching Yoga and guiding Sedona visitors on the magical land of Sedona, Saith has accumulated much experience performing live, both in solo and in band settings in numerous kinds of venues all over the country and to all different audiences with overwhelming positive response. He took classes online at Berklee College Of Music to learn song production, engineering, and music business. Saith has also produced with industry veterans such as Gardner Cole, Michael Lattanzi, Tim Pierce, and Ramy Antoun. Saith landed his first record deal in 2005 which generated his Alternative Pop Rock album, Step Outside, which was released the summer of 2008. After leaving that record label in 2009, Saith Entered the Northern Arizona Singer/Songwriter Competition and won 1st place and has since recorded his new single "Now's The Time" with Michael Lattanzi. This song took home first prize in the 2010 eSongwriter Competition! Saith has since also created his own Label/Publishing Company, Saith Music LLC, and has been actively composing and producing his songs in his home based music studio ever since. Today, Saith has accumulated many hours in the studio and a vast repertoire of songs in many genres. Saith is ready to hit the world stage as a prolific songwriter and performer to usher in a new paradigm of conscious music.
His latest self-produced double-disc album "Everywhere" is now available well... everywhere!

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