Sajid and the Lost Boys

Sajid and the Lost Boys

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Reflective, dreamy, folk pop. Hailing from New Delhi India. Merging melodic sensibilities with a touch of urban poetry. Its music you'd listen to on a rainy afternoon with a cup of cocoa and stare out of the window. Emotionally-wrought rhapsodies full of reflections and real life drama.


From the buzz of contemporary India comes the voice of a new urban generation from one of the worlds oldest cultures.
Hailing from New Delhi India, Sajid and the Lost Boys are an ambient/folk outfit that soothe the gap between the frantic modernity of emerging India and her passionate people, through their gentle melodic whispers.
Best described as a cross between Kings of Convenience and Duncan Sheik, Sajid and the Lost Boys combine the soulful melodies of rainy afternoons with a raw honesty to reflect the emotional stirrings of the everyday man caught in the rush of time.



Written By: Sajid Akbar

Oh Mira, on the wall
How you lie face down despite it all
And can’t you see I am afraid
This close to giving up, of late.
But how would you know?
When you don’t even notice me
Oh why wouldn’t you?

Don’t punish me with silence Mira
Am I not worthy of you love?
Just give it to me straight.
Of all the thoughts I’m thinking about you
There’s so little that you know
And I’m feeling…
So lost, I’m so small.

Stop! Turning in my head
Turning in my head.

Silent Movies

Written By: Sajid Akbar

So here’s what we’ll do
We’ll stand on our toes and peep outside
‘Cause there’s got to be something better out there
Its better out there, they say it’s better out there.
Is it better out there?

And needless to say
I always meant well, but there seems to be no easy way out of here.

So tell me
What do you want? What are you on? What do you want? What are you on? What are you on?
This time.

When its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone.
And I would tell you everything, if you promise not to burn another hole in my heart.
‘Cause when its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone.
Yeah its gone.

So here we go, around the same bends
We’re making the same mistakes, again and again.

So tell me
What do you want? What are you on? What do you want? What are you on? What are you on?
This time.

The Sky is Falling

Written By: Sajid Akbar

Come now, what’s eating you up?
And stop pretending, when I read you like a book.
Now if you don’t look up
how would you know the sky is falling
and its falling love.

Some days I wish I was a boy in a tree house
with nowhere to go and not a thing to prove.
Just sitting around here, watching the sun fade into you.
‘cause I cannot see a point to this
What is the point?!

Today, its all we’ve got.
And just for….just for.

In your misty eyes...


Written By: Sajid Akbar

All I ever ask of you
And all I ever, ever, ever all I, all I.
All I ever ask of you, is you stay the same.
Will you stay the same?
Will you stay?

What has come between us, don’t explain.
Left with next to nothing.
Who takes the blame?
Cause I wouldn’t take the blame.

Pray for Rain

Written By: Sajid Akbar

Hey I’ve got a plan, are you still listening
I do not understand
Why are we still here.
Running the same lines when nothing is changing.

And Hey. Stop Talking.
There’s nobody home and no one’s listening.
When it’s all going wrong and your world’s caving in.
Just close your eyes and pray for rain.

No, no more suffering
Suffering In silence.


Just released their debut CD "Kid Without Candy" with Singapore indie lable The Enigmatic Army.
Press reviews in Singapore called it "A bold step forward in putting Asian talent on the Folk music map" and the CD got recommendation of the week.
Another newspaper said " It has the cosy goodness of a come-down release peddled by the likes of mavens such as Matthew Jay and Kings of Convenience"

Set List

The Sky is Falling
Pray for Rain
Late Afternoon Car drive
Silent Movies
Hold On

When it comes to covers its our versions of some Toad the Wet Sprocket, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and other contemporary folk pop artistes.
Our sets last anything between 1 hour 15 minutes to an hour and a half