R & B/Pop singer-songwriter melodic love songs that stick with you and you'll hum all day in your head.


Born in 1975, Sajide is a singer-songwriter, actor, professional dancer and model. His long list of live performances includes a number of first place finishes in multiple singing competitions: First place male vocalist minor star search competition in Orange County 1992, California; first place “Be A Star”, California, 1993; first place “Raw Talent”, Texas, 1993; first place “Singing Sensation”, California, 1994; first place “Vocal Star Search”, Toronto, 1995; first runner-up “Star Search Canada”, Toronto, 1996; first place “Star Search Canada”, Toronto, 1997. He has acted in “Rent” as the lead understudy for “Angel” in Toronto, 1997-1998, played the lead role of the Prime Minister in “Purim Day”, and played Buddha in the play of the same name, both in Toronto in 1999. He has danced on Toronto’s “Much Music” in 1995-1997, with Janet Jackson in Detroit in 1996 in “Escapade”, and on “Queer As Folk” - the American Version in 2002. He has also appeared in several commercials including ones for “Much Music”—Toronto’s what’s happening in music television show. And he has modeled for Calvin Klein, Jean-Claude Jetois, “Fashion Extravaganza” in Toronto and for “Hair Passion Cares”.

He has written over 300 R & B and pop-dance songs, all with great melodies. He has a wide range in both octaves and the ability to sing as softly or as loudly as needed, but always appropriate to the music. His lyrics are mainly about love and parental discretion is not required.

He is currently working with Embassy Row Productions, a subsidiary of Americus Records, Inc., based in Washington, D.C., where he is in the process of refining the songs that have already been arranged and that are on the demo that’s part of this press kit, and he will be recording additional songs to make up his first album.

Sajide may be contacted at Embassy Row Productions, 4651 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20016-2361 (T) 202-237-2722; (F) 202-237-8427. We are currently constructing websites for both Sajide ( and Embassy Row Productions. E-mail:



Written By: Sajide


I see that look into your eyes
You can’t disguise that fact
I see the way you walk on by
It’s an elemental fact
You keep me wanting for more
With your sweet and sexy way
I can’t hold back I need it now

Your body, my body
My body wants your body

I want your body baby
Not just your heart and soul
Anything you want from me
I’ll give it all 2 you
Baby ask, you shall receive
Your wish is my command

Lyrics & Melody by: SAJIDE
January 1, 2000

Because of You Because of Love

Written By: Sajide


Because of you
I’ll give my heart again
The chance to be hurt
Or happy the same

Because of you
I’ll take the chance again
I’ll trust you with my heart
Because you’ve pledged your heart and soul

And ‘though I know
Love don’t guarantee a thing
I’ll take my chances with you and let it be

Because of love
I have been torn apart
Left alone without any explanation

Because of love
I’ve shun like a star
Lighting up the world
For lovers everywhere

Because of you

I don’t know much of anything in life
But when I’m with you
You set my soul at ease
And spread my wings so wide
You give me wings to fly
So high I can fly

Because of you
I’ll give my heart again
The chance to be hurt or happy the same
Because of you

Because of you
Because of love
Because of you

Lyrics & Melody by: SAJIDE
April 10, 2000

Where Are You Now My Love?

Written By: Sajide


I will admit I was wrong
To have ignored you all along
How could I’ve been so cruel
How could I
So many times you have tried
To come in and fill my empty heart
But these eyes were so blind to your love
I apologize
Oh I miss your smiling face
And your truthful eyes that saw something special in me
And I wish that you were here
To field my eager heart with your love

So where are you now my love
Now I’m ready to
Love you the way you loved me
And where is that love
Why aren’t you here by my side
Why does it feel so bad
Won’t you come back and let me try to make it alright

Girl how I wish I could feel
Your sweet caresses on my face
And your kisses light like wine on my face
And I miss the way it was
When I laid there in your arms
As you sung a lullaby
Now I sit and reminisce
Of those endless summer nights we made love, so intense
Now these lonely nights I find so cold and so alone
Without you here


Lyrics & Melody by: SAJIDE
July 6, 1997


Preparing first full length CD at this time

Set List

4-5 songs; great for an opening act about 15- 20 minutes. Because of You Because of Love; Where Are You Now My Love?; Baby; Body, I Wannah Be The One