Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Afroperuvian & andean jazz (modern harmonies)
The ensemble stands out due to their suprising productions which combine modern and traditional instruments to create the music of their roots, their repertoire is inspired by traditional music from different periods and origins.


SAKAPATÚ is a musical project formed by young musicians from Argentina, Peru and Chile, that combines the afro-Peruvian and Latin American rhythm with an amazing show performance.
Keeping their ancestors’ traditions, Sakapatú performs on its concerts with ancestral wind instruments made of Cane; traditional string instruments, and typical instruments of Afro-Peruvian music like the “Peruvian Cajon”, the “Quijada de burro” and the “Cajita”, all of these combined with modern harmonies create a delicious sound and a powerful show with high musical quality.

Sakapatú went on four national tours with more than 500 concerts in different festivals and locations all over Spain. In addition, last year they presented the album "CORAZON EN CARNAVAL" a CD recorded and mixed in Barcelona and mastered in the prestigious Sterling Studio of New York.

Festivals & Locations:
"Centro cultural Manuel de Falla" in Granada,"teatro del Liceo" in Salamanca, "Teatro de Calderón de la Barca" in Valladolid and "Caixa forum" Auditory of Madrid among others. Sakapatu has also participated at important festivals like "Mundo Mira" in the Basque country, "IX Festival de Músiques del Món" in Barcelona and "Mercat de Música viva de Vic" in Cataluña.


- "Poco a Poco" (La Cajita records 2006)
- "Corazon en carnaval" (La Cajita records, 2010)

Set List

Our typical set list consists of all the songs of our disc plus three covers depending on the type of the festival.
Usually our concerts last one hour and twenty minutes.

Original songs:

1 Carnavalito del Zonda
2 Candombela
3 Festejo en Puno
4 Alma Manki
5 No me olvido
6 Canto pa Recordar
7 María
8 Mi voz levanto
9 Resbalosa
10 Un negro Palenque
11 Siembra
12 En Cayuco


13 Alturas & Kullagua
14 Mandinga
15 El Mayoral