Sakari Greenwell

Sakari Greenwell

 Evanston, Illinois, USA


Sixteen-year-old Sakari began writing music at the age of twelve as part of a songwriting camp the summer after 6th grade. Her work with Aaron Eddy of APG productions has helped shape her love for music and her ability to create a song. “I write from the heart,” she recently said in an internet radio interview. ”I put into a song the words my friends and I want to say.” Sakari has won first place prizes at several talent shows including Battle of the Bands, The West End Market Talent Show and E-town Idol. During the summer of 2011, she performed at the Custer Street Fair and Ridgeville Market. In addition to her songwriting talents, Sakari plays flute in her high school band and in her spare time she enjoys playing piano and guitar. She has done interviews with Show Biz Shelly of B96 and afterwork program internet radio.


Let the Music Take You Away Album. Go to to hear samples of all of Sakari's songs. Or click on Audio tab to hear the entire song. Note: There are only 5 songs in the Audio tab.

1. Broken Heart
2. Let the Music Take You Away
3. Lift Me Up
4. Where The Party At
5. Around