Sakra Buraja

Sakra Buraja


Sakra Buraja is an innovative Czech-Colombian duo of sax and double-bass, combining the musical traditions of Eastern Europe with Latinamerican groove. It is a show and energy... composed and controled sometimes,dirty and sauvage, experimental and transfusing into a musical caress in other moments.


Sakra Buraja is an international world music band set up to explore and extend or break
musical boundaries through composition, savage energy fusion and improvisation. It is a
project where the instruments are not always in tune but where the energy deforms
reality. A project where the strong musical tradition of Central and Eastern Europe,
unites with the one of Colombia, with jazz and other musical influences of the world. It is
a show that never allows the audience to ignore or refuse the music, show that gets
people involved, dance and accept the seemingly unheard/strange/alien/unacceptable
First started as a free musical experiment, it developed into a stable formation of two
core instruments, saxophone and double-bass, while keeping the space for guest
appearances and musical encounter.
In these encounters we already co-operated with musicians coming from a wide range
of background that stretches from experienced interprets of classical music, sambistas,
street musicians, jazz improvisers and total musical analphabets to a straw-pipe blower
in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

It all started when the composer and saxophonist Vladimír Cháb from Prague (Czech
republic), came to Bogotá to give a workshop on creation of music for moving pictures
at the “Festival internacional de cine El Espejo". Thanks to a spontaneous inspiration of
the festival director, Vladimír was asked to perform at the opening ceremony of the
festival, one hour before the event's start. While he refused to play alone, he met a
double-bass player Aldo Zolev in the audience. The two exchanged a few words, just to
find out their shared inclination to improvised music, climbed on stage unexpectedly
and started to play. In the middle of the chaos they caused, their vibrations became a
music, interesting and strangely beautiful. Impressed, the festival director hired them, to
the cheering of the audience, to perform at other events of the festival. At Vladimír's
return to Europe the two musicians agreed to further explore the unexpected cooperation
in the future.
Two years later, what seems very unlikely became reality when Aldo decided to travel
last summer to Barcelona where Vladimir was living at the moment.
The two, already under the name of “Sakra Buraja”, started to work extensively to find a
musical format and sound that would be both innovative and accessible to the general
audience. The album “Tabor Session” with its 12 original themes, was born from this
effort. The name of the album is a tribute to a small and beatiful city of Tabor (Czech
republic) where they actually recorded the material and managed to capture what
appears to be just a beginning of their exploration and musical message.
The project was very well received in Barcelona, Toulouse, Lyon, Paris, Nurnberg,
Munchen, Berlin and Prague. In October and November 2011 the band played a series
of more then 50 concerts in Colombia and at present their musical journey continues in
Brasil and Argentina where they work with the local musicians on a new material. They
hope to present it in Europe in Summer/Autumn 2012.


2011 - Tabor Session (LP) - radio airplay in Latin America

Set List

1. Red moon en la autostrada
2. Wali wasn´t affraid of cages
3. O que faz saudade/Mi chica
4. Cubasin
5. Sakra Buraja
6. Quando Beth dorme
7. Noche de bajo
8. El cuarto de la sinceridad lejana
9. 5 noci 3 kontinenty
10. Amazonia Rubber Soldiers
11. El chicharon
12. Girasol
13. Rio de Janeiro hora zero
14. Esta som sa neozenil