Salamat Sadikova

Salamat Sadikova


The voice of Kyrgyzstan


Salamat Sadikova has been the premier female voice of Kyrgyz traditional music for the past two decades. Initially, she had to overcome prejudice
against women performing in the conservative southern part of what was then the Kyrgyz
Soviet Socialist Republic. She went on to become the lead female voice of the Kyrgyz national folk music and dance ensemble Kambarkan. Both with the Kambarkan and as a solo artist, Ms. Sadikova has performed extensively throughout Central Asia, China, Russia, Korea, and Japan. In October 2007, she was one of 36 artists from four continents to perform at the first World Masters Festival of Arts and Culture in Seoul. The festival was touted as `the cultural Olympics of the traditional artists of the world.’ In 2006, she performed before several heads of state, including those of China and ussia, at the annual conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Treaty Organization. Ms. Sadikova
has performed at music festivals across Central Asia, including the prestigious Sharq Taronalari (Eastern Melodies) Festival in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. She has been given numerous awards in Kyrgyzstan and neighboring Central Asian countries, among them the title `Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.’


The Voice of Kyrgyzstan

Set List

Ay Nuru, Kecki eskeruu, Qizil gul, auil kechi, Sagindim tuulgan jer seni, Qosh jan erkem