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Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Review album Salammusik "O""

NOBODY expected roots reggae outfit Salam Musik to walk away with the Best Album award at the Anugerah Industri Musik last year. With indie pop fatigue descending on the local mainstream, it’s encouraging to discover Salam Musik making a strong case for open-minded, groove-centred music.

The 10-piece group, led by main man Salam (producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer), isn’t slacking off or wasting any time basking in the glory of its award-winning eponymous debut, released in 2011. There is more work to be done to go beyond the regular reggae audience.

Salam Musik, at this moment, is the sort of group equipped to meet broader – even international – challenges. On its second album, O, the Klang Valley-based collective continues to purvey its karma-based brand of love and rebellion, with the grit and flavour of roots reggae, revolution rock and hip hop driving the music forward.

If anything, this is a group with a wide array of global influences. Think Mano Negra, Nas, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Damien Marley.

Armed with four horn players, two guitarists, a percussionist and three vocalists, Salam Musik continues to mature musically – and impressively. Lesser groups might sink in this pungent mix. Instead, Salam Musik outstrips its previous record and strikes a compelling balance with the pace and mood on this new 12-track album.

Lyrically and musically, the tunes bristle with interesting ideas and social conscience.

From the mellow island sway of Play Some Reggae Musik (which sadly is the album’s rare weak link) to the hard-hitting Bangkit, this album is so diverse, it really has the chance to please just about anybody – with or without groovy dreadlocks. Throw in guest spots from (rappers) Altimet, ZionDread, DJ Fuzz and psych rock outfit Pitahati, and there’s your statement of intent.

There is fierce integrity – on Arus and Rela, with Salam advocating an overthrow of oppressive thinking, while the anger on Aku Pelat, with stinging verses from rapper Eyza Bahra, reinforces Salam Musik’s robust edge, first witnessed on Tunggu Dulu from its debut album. But the more common tone is one of positivism and tolerance.

“Make way for the positive day,” Bob Marley once sang. Outside the reggae cliches, Salam Musik, more importantly, has kept to that promise. - The Star newspaper

"Salam to the world"

Salam Musik is ready for its gig in Singapore, followed by a European tour. Subhadra Devan finds out more
AWARD-WINNING Salam Muzik is grooving its way to the world stage this year, led by founder and lead vocalist Ashraaf Salam A. Azlan.
A music collective of an indistinct number, with members flowing in and out like a river meandering through a rich landscape, Salam Musik offers a radio-friendly sound of reggae, ska and pop.
“I started in 2006,” says Ashraf, 25, about his collective, which then boasted another vocalist, Tip, from Lebanon.
“Everything was done online. The focus then was more on writing songs and there was no real direction with the group. Eventually, we split and I went to study Art in Holland where I met our manager Iris Van Wjhe,” recalls the former sound and music design student of Limkokwing University.
“When I returned in 2010, I met Malik of Too Phat, DJ Fuzz, and we did (the single) Cerita Kedai Kopi.”
That’s when Salam Muzik really took off in popularity, winning Anugerah Industri Musik Malaysia (AIM) 17 Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Song 2010.
Last November, Salam Musik won the best album award at the Anugerah Industri Musik Malaysia 19, 2012 for its debut effort, Salam.
“We didn’t expect to win. We were betting that Stacy or Hujan would win. We performed for 45 seconds, and then we won,” recalls Ashraf with a grin.
Salam featured collaborations with Zion Dread and rapper deejay Altimet, among others.
One outstanding track, Malam Doa, offered the lyrics of national laureate Datuk A. Samad Said, that roll well to a rock-roots rhythm.
Ashraf, a personable musician with not just a distinctive music style but dreadlocks that took seven years in the making, says: “Writing songs are a constant creation with whoever is in the house”.
Right now, the other musicians include horn players Payung, Jazmy Jamaluddin, Djambul and Ferdy, two guitarists, percussionist Bulya and another vocalist Eyza Bahra from Sabah.
“It’s funny how I met some of the musicians. It was so random — in the lift, at gigs, in my neighbourhood. Some are school friends.
“These days, it’s hard to get someone to commit to a band, so this works for me. We got Eyza because we needed a girl to sing with us for one of the shows. And then viola, there she was on Facebook,” says Ashraf.
Salam Muzik’s second album O, released recently online, offers 13 original tracks. But it took a year to put together with some songs seeing a long gestation period from 2006.
Musical influences are still reggae, especially in the catchy Play Some Reggae, but Ashraf says its future album will hark back to traditional local influences such as keroncong.
“Before that, we are working on the third album, which will be a live studio offering,” explains Ashraf, who has his own studio.
The albums are distributed online at and at shows.
He feels the music will appeal to “people who value life, nature and have a love for humanity”, a philosophical element that also lends to the meaning of the second album’s title, O.
“It means like a circle almost like circle of life and represents the infinite possibilities we have,” explains the cool singer-songwriter thoughtfully, ending the interview, humming melodically.
Salam Muzik will perform at Singapore’s Music Matters Live 2013, from Wednesday to Friday, and the performances will be streamed live on YouTube.
The event, held for the second year, brings together acts from around the region and beyond. These include Australia’s blind musician Gurrumul, France’s Pony Pony Run Run, India’s Indus Creed and South Korea’s Eastern Sidekick. Details at

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"Salammusik poise for greater success"

Roots reggae act Salammusik, which is critically considered and well-loved by the masses, is poised for big things.

ESTABLISHED in 2006, Salammusik has come a long way in the Malaysian music industry. Having started with two vocalists – Salam and Tip, the group now has 10 members.

Before Salam founded Salammusik, he was an ambitious student (sound and music design) at Limkokwing University. Having met many friends in the music industry, he opened up a studio in 2004 and started to record for many artistes and for himself too.

In 2006, he met Lebanese musician, Tip. They shared common thoughts about music and set off to start the Salam dream.

“Working with Tip is inspiring. He gave me lots of music knowledge,” said Salam in a recent interview.

For Salam (real name Ashraf Salam A.Azlan), any kind of music inspires him.

Influenced by reggae but also mixing various genres like rock, R&B and jazz into the music, Salammusik is now the talk-of-town.

Last November, the 24-year-old Salam and his crew won the best album award at the Anugerah Industri Musik Malaysia 2012 (AIM 19).

At the AIM awards, Salammusik’s self-titled album faced tough competition from the likes of Hujan, Nora, Mizz Nina and Stacy, but this bohemian outfit defied the odds.

On the award-winning album, the group collaborated with rapper Altimet, Zion Dread, Sayla and others. National laureate Datuk A. Samad Said’s lyrics were also set to a roots rock groove on Malam Doa, which reflected Salammusik’s diverse range of influences.

Golden standard: Salammusik now has Anugerah Industri Muzik credentials after picking up the coveted best album award last November.
For Salam, who also produces the band’s music, the collaborative process has been one of his creative strengths.

Before the Salammusik album brought the group wider national attention, Salam also had a hand in the K.O. The Mixtape by DJ Fuzz and Malique, which picked up the best hip hop song award at the AIM awards in 2010.

If anything, Salam’s role in hit singles like Cerita Kedai Kopi (with DJ Fuzz and Malique) and Bangkit (with Altimet) gave him a respectable profile in the music industry.

As an independent recording act like Republic of Brickfields and Pure Vibracion, Salammusik has carried the torch for the homegrown reggae scene.

In fact, Salam has a big year ahead with the group’s second album O, which was launched last month. This new album, featuring 13 songs, strives for a broader music range with artistes like Altimet, Bouchra, Sayla, Zion Dread and Pitahati on board.

Curiously enough, the group also reissued its Salammusik album last month. It looks like it has two albums to introduce to the masses.

“We were also nominated for the best new artiste at AIM and we expected to win that. But bagging the best album of the year was such a great honour,” said Bulya, the group’s drummer, who is more than happy to play gigs with material from Salammusik and O sharing the spotlight.

Apart from the affable Salam, the group includes two vocalists (Tip and Eyza Bahra), four horn players (Payung, Jaz, Djambul and Ferdy), percussionist (Bulya) and two guitarists (Ammar Habir and Kamal Razali).

People say less is more but Salammusik has redefined the term by having 10 members in the group.

“All of us have the same passion, which is music. To keep a big group together is pretty simple. We do what we love and we take care of each other,” said Salam.

Salam also added that he doesn’t mind making the group bigger and encouraged budding musicians to join Salammusik.

As a band, Salammusik has toured many places (reggae gigs and acoustic nights) around Malaysia, including festival spots at Urbanscapes and Rock The World in the Klang Valley last year.

“Live performances are the best to do! And we love to travel around the country to spread our music,” he added.

With a band manager based in the Netherlands, Salammusik also has an opportunity to take its music to Europe.

The hard-driving Tunggu Dulu, which features rapper Zion Dread, entered the Denmark music charts.

“Our songs are also being played in London as many Malaysian students have embraced our music.”

Famed for socially-aware lyrics and reggae-infused music, the band retained its sound and flavour on the newly released O.

The emphasis now, according to Salam, is on poetry. The album title itself holds weight and meaning.

“O is a symbol for the circle of life; its continuity and unity that encompasses the cycle of life,” said Salam.

Touching topics that are close to the heart, fans can expect a new musical journey on O, that examines the human condition, unity, love, dreams and life.

The future certainly looks bright for Salammusik. The group represents the continuity and evolution of reggae music in Malaysia, a genre which has legions of local fans and followers. And it looks like the cycle won’t be broken anytime soon.

“This is what we love to do - The Star newspaper

"Music is no stranger"

QUOTATION only group SALAMMUSIK, certainly no stranger to the local music enthusiasts .

Any least , look at their great performances on the stage during the Music Industry Awards ( AIM ) of the 19th , Urbanscapes 2012 , Planet Music Awards 2012 , Shout Awards and several gigs around the city .

Every time they come to play , their performance will amaze every eye that sees them .

Consists of Ashraaf Salam A. Azlan , better known as Salam, he began to write since 2007 after completing his studies in the field of sound design and music from Limkokwing University .

Since the beginning of school , Greetings prefer involved with the arts , but began his artistic career as a dancer .

In 2008 , Salam began to set up his own studio , and in 2010 he had received the first award in his life .

Starting from that moment , he began to establish Salammusik label in 2010 and issued in collaboration with the rapper's song Alamak, Altimet .

Lastly, Salammusik has been nominated as best new artist and best new album of the 19th AIM .

Besides Greetings , this group also comprises Talal Zahnan (keyboards ) from Lebanon , Eyza Bahra ( singer ) , M. Irhas ( trumpet ) , Bulya (drums ) , Firdaus Aziz ( trumpet ) , Ferdaus Nadzir ( bass ) , Ammar Habir ( guitar ) and Kamal Razali ( guitar ) .

All of them are not new in the art world because each of them has their own experience and abilities .

Musical Greetings presence gave a new impetus to local music fans not only in terms of the rhythm of the lyrics but also deliver the right messages to basic human needs .

Some of their songs are often heard in the radio is Forget about Yesterday, Bangkit feat Altimet , Alamak , Aku Pelat, and more.

For fans who want to know them more closely or want to follow the latest developments Musical Greetings group , type only Salam musik on Facebook , Twitter or visit their website at . - Syahril / SAFIYANA SALIM
- Utusan newspaper

"The Borneo Post newspaper"

KUCHING: A multi-talented 8-piece band Salam Musik will be having a four-night showcase at the Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace starting tonight (July 9).
The hotel said Victoria Arms is proud to host the showcase, held prior to Salam Musik’s performance at Rainforest World Music Festival in the middle of this month.
The band is renowned for their hit song ‘Cerita Kedai Kopi’, which won the AIM Award 2010 for Best Hip Hop Song, as well as their music video ‘Alamak’ featuring Altimet.
They are led by Salam (Ashraaf Ahmad Azlan) or mostly known as Acap. The other members are Tip (Talal Zahnan – vocal), Eyza Bahra (Noraniza Mohd Bahra – vocal) and Boy (Ahmadbulya Abdillah Jaafar – drum/jambe).
Other members are Raj (Rajindra Bahadur Bahador – guitar), Amar (Mohd Ammar Mohd Habir – keyboard/guitar), Payung (Muhd Iras
Naim – trumpet/chenai/bamboo flute) and Alvin (Alvin Arputharaj Arthimoolan – bass).
Salam Musik is also known as down-to-earth music-makers and they have collaborated with well-versed names from all walks of genres, locally and internationally such as Altimet (Malaysia), Jimmy Nieuwenhuizen (Holland), Ziondread (Curacao), Karmal (Malaysia), Germanus (Argentina), So Matsuzawa (Japan), Sayla (Malaysia) and many more.
The combination of unique melodies can be heard in their album.
Their songs are mostly inspired by the calmness of nature ‘portraying’ basic human needs and have spiritual approach.

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Still working on that hot first release.



When you fuse cultural and modern beats, youll get Salammusik. A band that gives music in South-East Asia a breath of fresh air with not only addictive rhythms, but also with lyrics that yearn to be heard.
The tunes of Salammusik are not foreign to the ears of music listeners. In 2010 Salam received his first AIM-17 Award for Best Hip-Hop Song 2010 with "Cerita Kedai Kopi" from the K.O. Mixtape.
In July 2011 Salammusik released their first Album; Salam Musik. This album received the the AIM- 19 Award for The Best Album of the year 2012 in the most prestigious award show of Malaysia, comparable with the Grammy Awards.
To be awarded for our first album is like a dream come true, we are thankful that we are able to spread our message through music that reach out to the young and old, says Salam.
In the last AIM-20 Music Award show,  they were nominated for "Best English Song", "Best Hip-Hop Song" & "Best Engineered Album" 2013. Salammusik received the Award for the "Best Hip-Hop Song" 2013.

Salam (who is now 25) started to make music while studying Music and Sound Design at Limkokwing University in 2006. Since I was in the first badge, the studio at the University was still in preparation. Thats why I had to build my own home studio to do the assignments. Having a studio in the house gave us the opportunity to experiment and work with other musicians, Salam explains.
In 2008 he graduated his studies with the certificate of Excellence. This was when he could dedicate himself to produce his own peace music.
Salammusik started to perform in a small place but it didnt take long before they hit the mainstages on most of the festivals in Malaysia. After two times performing in a cafe, the place had to shut down, salammusik supporters had blocked all the roads around the venue and cars couldnt pass by anymore. Excitement came from everywhere, nobody wanted to miss it.
Salammusik knows how to make the people move and enjoy themselves during live shows. The radio stations picked up their sound and everyone in the country as well as in Indonesia, Brunai, Borneo and Singapore was introduced to Salammusik.
They've performed on different stages such as;
Rock the World in Stadium Merdeka, Hitz.FM Birthday Invasion in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, The Kita-Kitar festival in Langkawi, GetUp! Festival in Johor, WaterFront Fest in Kuching, Rush Beach Festival in Borneo, AIM Award show in Stadium Melawati, Urbanscapes, Shout! Awards, Summer Fest Hard Rock Cafe in Penang, Oct Tweet Fest and many more.

Salammusik just came back from their first Europe Tour.
In 30 days performing on 15 different stages including 8 major festivals, sharing the same stage as Ky-mani Marley, we can say it was a big success. With great feedback from the audience that were moving on each song.
Salammusik has also done a ton of TV, appearing on Nasi Lemak Kopi O, MHI, The breakfast show, Muzik Muzik, Gala TV, Propaganza, CHopp, Quicky, Bella show and so on.

Salammusik believes in the element of togetherness in making music.
These down-to-earth music-makers had collaborated with well-versed names from all walks of genre, locally and internationally. Such as Jimmy Nieuwenhuizen (NL), So (Japan), ZionDread (curacao), James Bonzai Caroso (US), Bart Voncken (NL), Altimet (MY), Sergio Ijssel (NL) and many more. The fuse of melodies can be heard in both of the albums.
Their music is inspired by the tranquility of nature so-to-speak; how history and reality revolves around the writing process. It speaks of basic human needs such as peace, environment, love and unity. 

Salammusik managed to capture time and thoughts in life and delivered them well through their music. For us, the lyrics are the most important, what we write about is based on our expiriences, there are so many things going on that needs to be heard, so we use music as a platform to express ourselves, Salam points out.
Salammusik is ready to hit more stages all around the world!

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