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Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia | MAJOR

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia | MAJOR
Band Pop Reggae


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Cerita Kedai Kopi
No.1 All Radio Stations Malaysia
No.1 Jakarta, Indonesia
Nominated for Best Song 2011 Singapore (APM)
Awarded Best Hip Hop Song 2010 Malaysia (AIM)

No.2 RIA Singapore
No.2 Langkawi FM Malaysia
No. 2 Cats FM Borneo
Nominated Best New Group 2012 Singapore (APM)

Lupakan Semalam
No. 4 XFM Malaysia

No. 3 Fly FM Malaysia

No.1 Era Malaysia
No. 7 Hot FM Malaysia
No.7 Cats FM Borneo
Nominated for Best Duo Artist 2012, Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian.
VIMA 2013 South East Asia, nominated for Best Genre Bender and also for Best Collaboration.

Aku Pelat
No. 7 Hot FM Malaysia
No. 20 Era Malaysia

Use It
No. 2 Hitz FM Malaysia

Di Tanah Kita
No. 2 Fly FM Malaysia



When you fuse cultural and modern beats, youll get Salammusik. A band that gives music in South-East Asia a breath of fresh air with not only addictive rhythms, but also with lyrics that yearn to be heard. 
The tunes of Salammusik are not foreign to the ears of music listeners. In 2010 Salam received his first AIM-17 Award for Best Hip-Hop Song 2010 with "Cerita Kedai Kopi" from the K.O. Mixtape. 
In July 2011 Salammusik released their first Album; Salam Musik. This album received the the AIM- 19 Award for The Best Album of the year 2012 in the most prestigious award show of Malaysia, comparable with the Grammy Awards.
To be awarded for our first album is like a dream come true, we are thankful that we are able to spread our message through music that reach out to the young and old, says Salam. 
In the last AIM-20 Music Award show,  they were nominated for "Best English Song", "Best Hip-Hop Song" & "Best Engineered Album" 2013. Salammusik received the Award for the "Best Hip-Hop Song" 2013.

Salam (who is now 25) started to make music while studying Music and Sound Design at Limkokwing University in 2006. Since I was in the first badge, the studio at the University was still in preparation. Thats why I had to build my own home studio to do the assignments. Having a studio in the house gave us the opportunity to experiment and work with other musicians, Salam explains. 
In 2008 he graduated his studies with the certificate of Excellence. This was when he could dedicate himself to produce his own peace music.
Salammusik started to perform in a small place but it didnt take long before they hit the mainstages on most of the festivals in Malaysia. After two times performing in a cafe, the place had to shut down, salammusik supporters had blocked all the roads around the venue and cars couldnt pass by anymore. Excitement came from everywhere, nobody wanted to miss it.
Salammusik knows how to make the people move and enjoy themselves during live shows. The radio stations picked up their sound and everyone in the country as well as in Indonesia, Brunai, Borneo and Singapore was introduced to Salammusik.
They've performed on different stages such as;
Rock the World in Stadium Merdeka, Hitz.FM Birthday Invasion in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, The Kita-Kitar festival in Langkawi, GetUp! Festival in Johor, WaterFront Fest in Kuching, Rush Beach Festival in Borneo, AIM Award show in Stadium Melawati, Urbanscapes, Shout! Awards, Summer Fest Hard Rock Cafe in Penang, Oct Tweet Fest and many more.

Salammusik just came back from their first Europe Tour. 
In 30 days performing on 15 different stages including 8 major festivals, sharing the same stage as Ky-mani Marley, we can say it was a big success. With great feedback from the audience that were moving on each song.
Salammusik has also done a ton of TV, appearing on Nasi Lemak Kopi O, MHI, The breakfast show, Muzik Muzik, Gala TV, Propaganza, CHopp, Quicky, Bella show and so on.

Salammusik believes in the element of togetherness in making music. 
These down-to-earth music-makers had collaborated with well-versed names from all walks of genre, locally and internationally. Such as Jimmy Nieuwenhuizen (NL), So (Japan), ZionDread (curacao), James Bonzai Caroso (US), Bart Voncken (NL), Altimet (MY), Sergio Ijssel (NL) and many more. The fuse of melodies can be heard in both of the albums.
Their music is inspired by the tranquility of nature so-to-speak; how history and reality revolves around the writing process. It speaks of basic human needs such as peace, environment, love and unity. 

Salammusik managed to capture time and thoughts in life and delivered them well through their music. For us, the lyrics are the most important, what we write about is based on our expiriences, there are so many things going on that needs to be heard, so we use music as a platform to express ourselves, Salam points out.
Salammusik is ready to hit more stages all around the world!