SalemSpeaks produces powerful music with acoustic, folk, and rock roots. The musical style is a blend of vocals, guitar, keyboard, and percussion, with fiddle and mandolin breaks and overtones. Their live performances are full of energy and both entertaining and inspiring.


SalemSpeaks has been making music together for over a year: winner of the Chris Paul "Rock the Block" band competition, "Carolina" CD release in 2011, and multiple shows. The band has developed a loyal following. The band continues to expand the music library and currently has a dozen new songs that are unrecorded. The new songs add to the live shows and provide a glimpse into the growth of the band and the music.
The band utilizes an assortment of musical talent and songwriting capability to create appealing songs with a unique sound. Each member brings a distinct musical style and the group comes together with harmonic vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, keyboard and percussion. This blend of character provides a great musical sound. Youth and energy are apparent as the combined chemistries of the group collide. The separate pieces are seamlessly melded together to create something entirely new. The whole of SalemSpeaks is more powerful and moving than its separate parts with a musical sound that equally appeals to young and old audiences. They put on a great show with a compelling live performance full of energy that is both entertaining and inspiring.


goodbye or goodnight

Written By: zach britt

Goodbye or Goodnight?

Is this the end? Is this the end of us?
Is there no more that lies ahead?
I know our past I know our past is rough.
I know the things were wrong I said.

I know it’s hard to end this in a fight.
But is this goodbye….
Or is this just goodnight?
Is this just goodnight?
Is this just goodnight?

Did you really mean those things you said to me?
Did I truly mean my own words too?
Do you understand what I am trying to say?
Will my intentions get to you?

Let’s leave the dark,
and step into the light.
Now is this goodbye….
Or is this just goodnight?
Is this just goodnight?
Is this just goodnight?

How am I supposed to find out what you want?
How am I supposed to read your mind?
What I want and what I need are two different things.
So for now I only need more time.

Stay close my dear,
And hold on to me tight.
This can’t be goodbye…
It has to be goodnight.
Has to be goodnight.
Has to be goodnight.

Is this goodnight?
Stay close to me dear.
Is this goodnight?
I need you here I need you here.
Is this goodnight?
Don’t you leave me standin’ here.
Is this goodnight?
Out in the clear I need you here.


Carolina, Debut CD Release, February 2011