Austin, Texas, USA

"somewhere between animal and mineral, with songs so focused, varied, and raw as to defy classification: it’s desert music. Words and notes knot into a rune repeated on a cave wall, a creek bed, a crop circle. This is music steeped in ancient clarity and brought to life by uncompromising talent.”


December 2011, we're recording the three EPs we'll release over the next year, and a soundtrack to the upcoming film "Uranium Drive-In," about how a mill that processes yellowcake for nuclear power is affecting the tiny town of Paradox, CO -- population 250.

Salesman formed in 2006 in southern Colorado. Later Devin James Fry met Guns and Patrick Patterson (Hotel Hotel) in Austin and after several tours John Houston Farmer (What Made Milwaukee Famous) and Daniel Jesse Pruitt (Lord Buffalo) joined us for the long haul.

Documentary Journal Episode 1 Part 1 featuring Salesman
for the music

Stations Played on:
KVRX 91.7 Austin: 512-495-KVRX
KUT Austin: 512-471-2345
KTZA Artesia, New Mexico: 575-746-2751


3 New EP's all for 2012

Gatherer - 2011

7" so much faster/red jug wine lover 2010

Skull - 2010

Sweethearter EP 2009