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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Salida 7 Makes the Front page of love express"

9/10/07 Salida 7 Makes The Front Page of Love Express in over 5,000 NY, NJ, and Churches with a readership of over 250,000 people!!!
- Reach Out Tv


EP Release - December 2007

Demo Pre-release 2007
01. Perdoname
02. Solo Jesus
03. Roca Eterna


Feeling a bit camera shy


SALIDA 7 is a brand new band from North Jersey. The band's sole purpose is to promote and Glorify God through their music. The band is gaining great momentum in the local scene tri-state area, due to their fresh sound and Christ centered message.

Is the voice that will rumble throughout the Christian Rock world. The positive message of its lyrics which exploit truths about our world today, will penetrate into the hearts of true young people all over the world. “We just want to spread the Truth of Jesus Christ and not been materialistic world and forget that Rock music is a form of expression that should be taken advantage of and leave a strong mark on not only the music industry but throughout the whole world.”
“With there original sound and God-inspired lyrics. Salida 7 is reaching out to all the young and old souls in the metro area, NY/NJ/PA/CT.”

Established in May 2006 in West New York, NJ by Obed Aviles (lead vocals) and Marlon Ortega (guitar). These two young man filled with a vision, passion and dream. Began to follow and listen to the calling from God and they started writing lyrics and composing music with a positive message knowing that it could impact the life of many souls. Couple of months later, JC joined the band on the Bass, Kris Castillo on the drums and late July 07 Filipe Michael joined the band with his unique style. This marked the completion of the four-piece band and a new beginning for a promising act. Salida 7 ended 2006 on a high note. There combined passion for ministry and music artistry propelled them to perform over 30 shows in just a little over half a year.
Only 1 year later, continuously expanding their ministry, writing lyrics and composing new songs. The young band understands that this is what they were born and made for. Serving God through music has become an essential part of there life’s. In 2007 they released their first Pre-Release album that includes Perdóname, Roca Eterna and Solo Jesus and since then it has been a hit song “Perdóname”.

Salida 7 has a tremendous upside and as the band members continue to grow as a team and as individuals, time will only tell how far God will lead them. The band promises to focus on their craft and persevere until they reach there highest potential. “It is our desire to reach the world with what we belive is the greatest songs of all. The songs of love that only ca be found in Jesus Christ.”

The calling:
Salida 7 is a ministry minded group, who will go wherever they are sent. There here to promote and spread the good news of the gospel. There followers of Jesus Christ who are trying to spark a revolution for the glory of Christ alone.

Music is a powerful meaning of communication. The world has been touched by it for many years. Salida 7 is just trying to infiltrate the world with a biblical world view, yet staying relevant to the times were living in. “Obedience is the key to knowing the will of God” said Obed Aviles. His statement summarizes the foundation of the band and there calling.

Salida 7’s Ministry Ready To Deliver With tons of accumulated material and the knowledge acquired as a band in this short journey, Salida 7 has come full circle. They are currently performing all over the Metro area (NY,NJ,PA,CT) and are waiting for God’s green light to produce there first record that will enhance there unique style and that will rumble throughout the Christian rock world.

The ministry known as a youth band made up of 4 people who know and truly love the Lord Jesus Christ. Is now ready to take the next tep.. “About a year ago, God put in into our hearts to spread the gospel through the gift of music. “ said JC.
“We started small with very little equipment and aiming at playing mainly small churches, coffee houses, youth rallies, local events, concerts and festivals and other places that we could go an bring a Christ centered message through the music that He had given us.” The time is now for this ministry , and we encourage you to be part of this vision.