Finally, something original. Alternative, Funk, Rock, Flo. The buzz is growing, you need to listen.


Armed with soulful grooves and revolutionary rock, Salieri is focused on redefining the local music scene as we know it today.
With influences ranging from Boston favorite Morphine to the Stones and Parliament Funkadelic, the Salieri sound is a fresh fusion of rock, R&B, and pop that will keep you groovin' for hours on end. The production of New England presence Billy Shaw of SoundDesign Studios, and a new music video, airplay spreading from the Cape to Boston, and a crazed, energy packed live show, Salieri is turning heads.
Based out of southern Mass, Salieri's mission is to spread their positive and uplifting message to the masses and bring groove back to the scene.
With their smooth style and power packed live performances, Salieri is a band you don't can't afford to miss.


Summer Song

Written By: Salieri

Summer sun shinin' through the window in the basement,
Chillin' in the corner wonderin' where all my space went.
Livin' in the moment, too chill to give a damn about the people and their hands that are trying to bring me, down, down down down.
Walkin' through the center, tryin' to find a seat, to rest my weary body regain my sanity, thinkin' bout the people that I left in my past, aint no looking back, no looking back, they brought me, down, down down down, da da da da down.

And that's where they'll remain
If you step that's where you'll go
No need for a refrain,
I'm headed to the show.
And just so you know,
watch out for the door,
on the way...

Free, me, free as the breeze,
I never let anything get to me,
Cuz I'm credited, not edited,
like the bona fide fact that Jerry's gratefully dead.
A beatnik politik, unending search for my fix,
got Marley on a homemade mix,
and Paige's licks, and Dylan's tricks.
A gypsy on a powertrip, I cruise right in,
and then I slide right out.

(Justin Guitar Solo)

Smooth while the records collect,
you will never see me as carefree as I am now, no you won't.
Smooth with the sun in your hair,
may be the buzz cuz I feel something bubbling under this front.
And you will never ever ever see me crawling, to your door. (no you won't)
And you will never ever ever see me coming, coming back for more. (no you won't, no you won't)

(repeat chorus)
Out, on the way out.

Smooth with the sun in your hair, free as the breeze.
Smooth with the sun in your hair,
free as the breeze.


The Official Bootleg Volume I (2004)
From The Mountains Demo EP (2004)
The Official Bootleg Volume II (2005)
From The Mountains (To Be Released Summer/Fall 2005)

Set List

Army of Me (Bjork Cover)
Chaos In Motion
Do You Think He Loves You
Everyday Hustle
Everything is Pretty
Forgoing Formalities
Here With You
Let Love
Summer Song
What's The Word