Salim & The Music Lovers
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Salim & The Music Lovers

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


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"Album Review: Salim-Hip-Hop Revisited"

Salim hails from Baltimore, and if we let him, he can be someone to show the rest of the country that Baltimore isn't just the crime seen on The Wire and that hip hop isn't just pompous flossing. While mainstream hip-hop is bloated with ice and SUVs, there is a subset of rap with great flow, great lyrics, and without the obsessing over shiny things. Don't get a hipster like me wrong, I like mainstream hip-hop as much as the next, but like many die-hard music fans, I need my hip-hop to have some more substance. Take, for example, "Stresses of the City" from Salim's Hip Hop Revisited. An urban anthem with fiercely in-your-face flow, inspired by the mixed blight and majesty of Baltimore's southwest. With a voice and a message reminiscent of Talib Kweli (and maybe, just maybe a bit of Phife from Tribe), Salim eschews the glamorization of stereotyped hood life to open up a new window into the life of West Baltimore. Instead of a world often painted as without hope, "Stresses" speaks of a dichotomy of a less-than-perfect existence with perfectly normal and admirable ambitions. As the suburban teenager is not just a kid on a cul-de-sac with skateboard under foot but has dreams of becoming an artist or an accountant, the city youth is more than baggy pants and headphones and dreams of the same thing. Salim wants to bridge the gap: we all struggle, we all strive, no matter what our world looks like. Taking it down-tempo on "Hip-Hop Glory", Hip Hop Revisited shouts out to those who came before as well as contemporaries like Pharoahe Monch and Mos Def, reminiscing on the halcyon days of hip-hop. "Untitled" is Salim's vision of life in Baltimore, capably backed with vocals by Green Tea. But the album is not just about lyrics. Hip Hop Revisited is full of beats that should make Swizz Beats jealous (not to mention a flow that, in a perfect world, would silence Diddy, too). Producers The Last Skeptik and Sin*seer are just the kind of beatmakers that I picture in Baltimore, a wicked studio in a rowhouse basement cooking up sick beats. This album features lots of collaborations, with the above producers, as well as Theory (and, to give credit where credit is due, Salim produces some of his own, too). Singers Green Tea and Brianne Hemphill, turntabling by DJ Spontaneous, and appearances from Salim's band The Music Lovers also add to the reverie created by the album. But there's no fanfare in the cavalcade of guests. The cast of this album appear for the sake of the music. Hip Hop Revisited could also be called Hip Hop Revised. A welcome reprieve from slick beats with no substantive rhyme, Revisited also avoids the unfortunate problem of many political/philosophical rappers who are cursed with mediocre tracks to lay their heavy rhymes on. The album is solid both in sound and substance. You can purchase the album from Salim at his website. - Any Given Tuesday

"For The Love of Music"

As of 2006 Hip Hop is in a state of emergency. Originality is no longer expected, trends are copied and resources are exhausted beyond belief. The music, the culture and those who follow it are all victims. Artists no longer hold creative freedom and record labels are constantly mimicking one another to recreate that multi-platinum sound. But, underneath the surface boils a new sound, true to the ways that laid a foundation for all. With materialism and the agenda of large labels, every city is faced with commercialism or underground.

Baltimore, which is one of the next cities on the come up, has just that; artists that follow today's norms and those who ignore all and create their own paths. Salim, a man who is venturing into uncharted territory, is creating a name for himself by mixing hip hop, spoken word and instrumentation together to create a pure organic sound. Salim, who believes that "good music is universal," is attempting to reach out to all those who share his love of music.

"I feel that no matter what type of music you listen to, whether Hip Hop or Rock, if you hear some good music, you're gonna get into it," says Salim. Working on his first LP Hip Hop Revisited, which is expected to drop in April, Salim plans to give something back to listeners. "I want to put my all into it," explains Salim, "as long as I can get through to someone, I've done my job." Salim, though a solo artist, also has a group called Salim and The Music Lovers.

Consisting of a drummer, Topix, a keyboardist, Jason and Sinseer on the bass, this quartet ultimately plays for exactly what the title suggests…the love of music. Performing around Baltimore and opening for artists like Slick Rick and Method Man, this group has created quite a buzz around the inner harbor area. With only an EP floating around, fans are eager to hear more from this up and coming group.

"People want something they can put in their hands and play," explains Salim.,.while expressing the importance of moving beyond Myspace and performances. "It's time to move beyond all that."

With future steps to publicizing through college radios and more performances, Salim has hopes of reaching an even broader audience.

"I don't expect to make millions off of this, if I am able to put food in my family's mouth than I've reached success."

Even if future efforts fail to put him in the lime light, Salim plans to continue to play and perform until he is no longer able. But with his first solo LP dropping in April and a remix of the album with The Music Lovers later down the line, Salim is on his grind fulfilling a dream and creating music that stays true to him. For more information you can check Salim out @
- The Bottom Line-Frostburg University's Online Paper


To all interested parties. This is to sing the praise of the genius and originality of the Rap Artist known as Salim. On October 28, 2004, Salim was the featured entertainer at the very first public issues forum held by the new online magazine, covers the political and social implications of the issues of Class and, Race, Law & Justice, Sports and Entertainment, and the Culture Wars in America today. Salim’s performance set the tone for the discussion in several ways. First of all, he cuts a dashing, sophisticated figure on stage, and completely demands your attention. He is not a conventional hip-hopper. Salim’s sound is a new generation version of The Last Poets.

With the power of Public Enemy, the imagery of Grand Master Flash, and the lyrical dexterity of Eminem, Salim uses a mix of jazz, pop and rhythm & blues samples to underscore his message.

Salim set the house on fire, and it burned the rest of the evening.
Salim is an artist to be reckoned with. Be sure to get on this train before it leaves the station.
Salim…Don’t get left behind…

Robert Whaley
Editor & Publisher of
- Robert Whaley

"For the Hip Hop Heads pt.2"

Up next is a B-More born and raised emcee, Salim. Opening up for the likes of Slick Rick, Method Man and Black Sheep (all within this year), Salim and his live band (The Music Lovers) have stunned crowds who were expecting below average opening acts. I have yet to see them live, but youtube is a lovely tool. Being the HUGE fan of The Roots that I am, it’s nice to see (and hear) more groups doing the live instrumentation (and doing it right).

I came across Salim’s album, Hip Hop Revisited ONLY because I liked the cover. I’m a sucker for artwork. Makes sense, as I design myself…go figure. But I’m glad I did, music like this takes me to a different level that’s nice to visit from time to time. - Hip-Hop Dx

"Salim-London to Baltimore"

Salim is a dope up and coming emcee from Baltimore, USA. Not only has the dude got a slick delivery and enlightening lyrics in a Kweli-esque fashion.

Currently touring with his band The Music Lovers, they have opened up for Method Man, Black Sheep and a ton of others... so you know Salim is one to watch out for...

His new album "Hip Hop Revisited" is an impressive debut that demands your attention. - Dusty Crates Radio


2007-Salim: Hip-Hop Revisited



Salim, born and bred in Baltimore, but infused with universal appeal, has opened for Slick Rick, Method Man, Black Sheep, The Pharcyde, and Talib Kweli in prominent metropolitan venues as well as rocked the mic intimately in café-like coves throughout the East Coast since 2004.

As the writer and producer of his 17-track debut album Hip Hop Revisited, Salim has been described as the “embodiment of hip hop’s evolution.” In the tradition of master Griots such as Nas and Mos Def, Salim brings deeply introspective lyrics that encompass a wide range of life experiences.

With a desire to incorporate live instrumentation into his music, Salim formed his group, The Music Lovers, in December 2005 and they have been performing together since April 2006. “Bringing balance back to hip hop” is their objective. With continued performances throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, they continue to attract a diverse listening audience eager to explore hip hop’s higher plane.

Salim and The Music Lovers invite audiences to experience the atmosphere that is created when "good music" and "music lovers" unite.