Great, Americana-Rock.


Salisbury was formed in the winter of 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri, by singer-songwriter-guitarist Eric Lysaght, drummer Eddie Spinaio, and bassist Wil Pelly,

Eric Lysaght, one of St. Louis’ best song writers, plays the guitar, mandolin, piano, electric chord organ, jaw-harp, harmonica, does string arrangements and, to top it all off, sings. From high school rock bands to touring around the country, Eddie Spinaio brings a well-rounded musical background to the group, playing percussion, piano, and arranging strings. Bassist Wil Pelly has played the world and, as a member of Fingerpaint Diary, toured overseas entertaining US troops. The three toured extensively with Neptune Crush, playing with Marilyn Mansion and Evanessence among others but have moved in a new direction with Salisbury.

Salisbury is rounded out by Brian Hoskins on guitar and vocals and Jeff Lehman on keyboard, creating a truly unique live experience.

Lost in the serene, haunted foothills of the mighty Mississippi river, Salisbury is a band that could only have come from the Midwest, which figures so prominently in the fragile and lonely beauty of the music. Their music is acoustic by nature, delicate and dark, old backwood's ghost stories set to music.

They released their first full length album, “Salisbury,” on August 17, 2007.


Mary Alice

Written By: Eric Lysaght

Hey, Mary Alice,
Your garden's overgrown and decayed.
There's holes in your fences,
All the chickens are running away...
Mary, we thought you were crazy,
But you're just sick and old-fashioned
In your lonely old mansion and your
Pillowcase covered in strawberry lace,
Stained with your tears that flow
All of those years ago...
Old rocking horses,
dead on porches'
rotting away
In the red, red sun,
And there was nowhere to run,
So we slept by the riverside
Danced in the moonlight,
And the summer rolled
Down in the mulberry grove's,
Plagued with your fears and hopes
All of those years ago...
Beautiful Mary,
My beautiful Mary,
Was just skin and bones,
And died all alone....

All Your Love

Written By: Eric Lysaght

Been thinking of
All the love,
Lights up your face
With the grace of God above...
I've come many miles
For your smile,
On that old highway
I'm drivin' all the while...
All your love, all your love...
All your love, all your love...
Been dreamin' of
All your love,
Lights up my face
With the grace of God above...
A million miles
For your smile,
On that old highway
I'm drivin' all the while...
All your love, all your love...
All your love, all your love...
And I wonder...
I wonder...


Written By: Eric Lysaght

Climbed up the mountain so steep,
Swam in the river so deep,
Came across a dead dog on the highway,
Hungry crow's was pickin' at the bones...
There you go standin' on your head'
The children are jumpin' on the bed..
I remember throwin' pennies in the fountain,
Promised that I'd never let you go,
Not for all the silver in the mountains....
Old car ran out of gasoline,
Drivin' on down to Moberly....
And if I had a penny for the fountain,
And if I hadn't ever let you go,
If I had all the silver in the mountain....


Salisbury - 2007

Set List

Candy Apples
Silver Lining
All Your Love
Lonely Goodbye
Mary Alice
Mississippi River

New songs are continuously added.

All songs are original.

Set time is approximately 1 hour but can be adjusted.