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sallow @ Elbo's the Bar

Dayton, Ohio, USA

Dayton, Ohio, USA

sallow @ York St. Cafe

Covington, Kentucky, USA

Covington, Kentucky, USA

sallow @ Sugar Lounge

Cincinnat, Ohio, USA

Cincinnat, Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


A Memorable "Soliloquy"

By Mike Breen
Local group Sallow hosts a CD release show for its debut album, Soliloquy, on Friday at the Northside Tavern. The "band" and album are the brainchildren of singer/songwriter Joseph Remnant, who began work on the CD more than two years ago by himself (he plays all of the instruments on the disc except for some percussion work on two tracks). As he worked on the album, he gradually pieced together a live band to perform the songs.

Even though it is two years in the making, Soliloquy is a remarkably accomplished debut, from the alluring packaging (artwork by -- guess who? -- Remnant) to the breezy, radiant songwriting. Remnant makes translucent, lo-fi Indie Pop that's steeped in timeless Pop influences and a distinct Twee flair. If the Elephant 6 collaborative is still taking new members, sign Remnant up now; Soliloquy is as solid as anything that collective ever released. His voice is often obscured by effects, but they can't mask the lilting lucidity and lingering impact of the melodies. The vocal disorientation also gives the songs the feel of some of those old Beatles' demos that seem to be unearthed every couple of years. These tracks would definitely be from the "White Album" period, as the music tends towards the organic, acoustic side of the fence, at times sounding like peppy but dirty cabaret music, while other times beaming like late '60s SoCal Pop. There's also a dose of experimentation, but it never disrupts the album's hypnotic fluidity. Remnant writes Pop songs, but he doesn't seem too overly attached to any of the structural rules. Fans of crafty, earthy Pop music that plays it close to the chest, swimming in mostly sunshine melodies, but always indicating a seedier underbelly will revel in Sallow's striking yet subtle take. - City Beat

Local band antithesis of Cincy rock
By Jeff Miller
Published: Monday, January 31, 2005

Right when the cliché, gutbucket rock-and-roll scene of Cincinnati seems to be power chording its way through the tri-county region, a refreshing sound lurks in a smoky basement off of Probasco Street.

For two years University of Cincinnati students Joseph Remnant, Joel Jellison, Nate Weigel and Chuck Sackman have been fighting the good fight, armed with their own blend of musical technicality and jamming aesthetics, collectively forming Sallow.

The group was formed about two years ago, when Remnant and Weigel, both fine arts majors (since then Weigel has graduated) met and began playing together. Then Weigel, who now plays bass, was playing guitar, but Remnant began writing bass lines for the two. After getting the other two members together, Sackman on drums and Jellison playing the keys, Remnant began writing songs.

Playing acoustic and lead guitar as well as singing, Remnant writes essentially every part for the group.

"He's like a composer," said Weigel. Each member takes the parts and adds their own style to it, but for the most part Remnant creates every song.

Each member seems to come from a different background in music. Remnant draws a lot from Guided By Voices, Wilco, The Beatles and a lot of '60s pop music, whereas Jellison has some of the same favorites, but also listens to a lot of hip hop.

"We all bring different styles. Joseph likes more old music, Joel has hip-hop and a lot of other different stuff. We all just bring something different," said Sackman.

The songs are rather difficult to classify into one specific genre - each track tends to bounce around so much that they don't suit one specific format. With the softness of acoustic guitar and the seemingly fluid way that the keys, bass and drums come together, nothing is forced - which is nice to hear. Weigel's jaunty bass lines are a good representation of the band's sound. It sounds incredibly mellow, but with everything so intricate the songs don't lull you into a state of absent-mindedness.

The band is definitely reminiscent of Wilco and Guided by Voices, and brings a feel-good atmosphere similar to Flaming Lips.

After releasing an EP last year, titled Don't Be Alarmed, the band has been recording more tracks and will have a CD release party Feb. 25 at the Northside Tavern.

The self-titled album has 11 tracks and stands to be another stepping stone in the maturation of the group.

The guys are looking to play out of town more, having only played in Dayton and Athens. But while they're still around Cincinnati they hope to play once or twice a month.

Claiming that the Cincy music scene doesn't go anywhere, after finishing school the group may take the act elsewhere, to bigger venues, in a bigger city.

But for now, their next show is Friday, Feb. 4 at Moose on Main, with the CD release party shortly thereafter. - U.C. News Record


"Dont Be Alarmed" (E.P.) 2003
"Soliloquy" (L.P.) 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sallow began as the unique recording project of singer/songwriter, Joseph Remnant. Building tracks one by one in the studio, Remnant created a solid repetoire of melodically orchestrated indie pop songs. Although the songs could often be described as being somewhat pretty and melodic, there is something slightly skewed about this musical landscape that creates a dark undertow beneath the often happy sounding music. With influences ranging from Brian Wilson to Guided by Voices, a comparison could be made to the orchestrated pop sound of the mid-sixties, mixed with the more experimental, lo-fi indie rock sound of more recent years. However, the music is hard to pin down to any particular genre. Remnant avoids a formulaic approach to musical composition, and although influences are quite evident, he has still managed to create an original sound.

In order to accurately re-create the songs live, he has asembled a solid band of musicians including Chuck Sackman on drums, Nathan Weigel on bass, and Joel Jellison on keyboards. Remnant and Weigel met while attending art school at the University of Cincinnati and soon enlisted Sackman and Jellison, whom they met through mutual friends, to fill out the sound. The group has been performing shows throughout the region for almost two years now. Their first full length album titled, Soliloquy, was recently released and has already received plenty of highly positive reaction. Mike Breen of Cincinnati City Beat called it, "...a remarkably accomplished solid as anything the Elephant 6 collaborative ever released." The group is currently playing shows in support of the new album.