melodic Indie Pop, heavily influenced by the rock and pop music of the mid to late sixties. An orchestrated,yet subtle approach to musical composition with interlocking parts.


Sallow began as the unique recording project of singer/songwriter, Joseph Remnant. Building tracks one by one in the studio, Remnant created a solid repetoire of melodically orchestrated indie pop songs. Although the songs could often be described as being somewhat pretty and melodic, there is something slightly skewed about this musical landscape that creates a dark undertow beneath the often happy sounding music. With influences ranging from Brian Wilson to Guided by Voices, a comparison could be made to the orchestrated pop sound of the mid-sixties, mixed with the more experimental, lo-fi indie rock sound of more recent years. However, the music is hard to pin down to any particular genre. Remnant avoids a formulaic approach to musical composition, and although influences are quite evident, he has still managed to create an original sound.

In order to accurately re-create the songs live, he has asembled a solid band of musicians including Chuck Sackman on drums, Nathan Weigel on bass, and Joel Jellison on keyboards. Remnant and Weigel met while attending art school at the University of Cincinnati and soon enlisted Sackman and Jellison, whom they met through mutual friends, to fill out the sound. The group has been performing shows throughout the region for almost two years now. Their first full length album titled, Soliloquy, was recently released and has already received plenty of highly positive reaction. Mike Breen of Cincinnati City Beat called it, "...a remarkably accomplished solid as anything the Elephant 6 collaborative ever released." The group is currently playing shows in support of the new album.


"Dont Be Alarmed" (E.P.) 2003
"Soliloquy" (L.P.) 2005

Set List

We usually play 12 to 15 songs for a 45 minute to 1 hour set

Dont Be Alarmed
Marching Band
In the End
Our Lonely Selves
Sun Let Through
On the Radio
Behind Your History
Let me Know
Think it Over
Following the Wires