sometimes my arms bend back.


sally began in much the same manner they have lived throughout their 3 year existence - hectically.

In the spring of 2004 Charlie Deets had just kicked his long time addiction to prescription tranquilizers and was determined to start a band. He enlisted a group of musicians who had no experience, but obviously shared a passion attuned to his. Missy Neis, whom Charlie had recently broke up with, was recruited as well as childhood friend Jeff Schaffer. Neither had ever played their respective instruments, bass and drums, but their natural musical sense helped them quickly develop their own unique approach. After recording a schizophrenic demo, Charlie would eventually go on to replace Jeff with Hunter Morris, and enlist local recording engineer Mark Berlin to play guitar.

Over the next few years, sally made a pair of hastily produced EP's. The second one of the series, The Picardy Third EP, was recorded in a frenzy after Hunter informed the band he was moving to England. The result was sally's most concise recording to date. It earned them praise from press throughout Chicago and national radio airplay, as well as an invite to the CMJ Music Marathon.

After playing CMJ, the band holed itself up in their rehearsal space for four months, furiously writing and rehearsing material for their new full-length. Now finally with a permanent drummer, Nick Smalkowski, the band was able to refine their mix of song, psychedelia, and dissonance. They entered Chicago's Electrical Audio to record with Greg Norman to 2" analog tape, a rarity in the modern world of computer recording, but perfect for band more concerned with feel than perfection and ornamentation.

The record, titled Long Live The New Flesh, is playful but still intense, resolute but moody. It showcases Deets’ charming lyricism with a sense both literate and cryptic. Sometimes abrasive, and sometimes infectious, Long Live The New Flesh is a complex statement from band who revels in their contradictions.


sally (LP, 2004)

the snow e.p. (EP, 2004)

the attrition e.p. (EP, 2005)

the picardy third e.p. (EP, 2006)

long live the new flesh (LP, 2007)

Set List

our typical set list is so typical.