Sally And KK Elwin

Sally And KK Elwin


We are a very versitile duo or band.We cover everything from r&b, pop, reggae, soca, to jazz and anything else in between.


We started the band back in 1996. from there we've done a ton of concerts including St.Lucia jazz festival, The cricket world cup concert held in S.Lucia, Jazz on the Piere and many other national and regional concerts. In 2001 we won a very
prestigeous award by the St.Lucia tourist board
for 'Best entertainment group of the year'.
We are a very versitile group and can fit in with any genre of music.


The lead vocalist, Sally released an album back in 2004 which had a no.1 song called 'You are the one'. She has just released her second album which already has three no.1 hits 'Free up yourself, I'll be ok' and 'Crazy for you' which is the name of the album.The album is getting alot of airplay.

Set List

A typical set for us would be music from th70s through to 06'. Apart form doing the songs from our album,we do the popular standards from Whitney Houston, Rod stuart, Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin,Shaka Khan to Alecia
Keys, Mary J. Blidge and many more. According to what kind of show it is we would do a 45min set or 1hr concert.