Sally Anthony

Sally Anthony


Over 200,000 albums and digital tracks sold. Current single "So Long" playing on 125 radio stations. Has toured with James Taylor, Christina Aguilera, The Barenaked Ladies, The Black Crows, Oasis, Tom Petty, Chris Isaak, and more. Over 125,000 eTeam fans and 47,000+ myspace friends.


The media have been overrun lately with stories of YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc., and how the Internet has changed the way we communicate with others around the world. Singer-songwriter Sally Anthony has taken this theory to the next level, using the power of the Internet to drive her incredible success. That online success set the stage for the October 23rd release of her new album, GOODBYE (Gracie Productions/EMI). In its first week, the album quickly shot to the Top 10 of the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, landing at number 9 and staying on the chart for 4 consecutive weeks. GOODBYE also landed at number 16 on the iTunes chart of best-selling pop albums and has sold over 20,000 copies since its’ release.

Anthony, has quickly gained a reputation as a strong, opinionated woman (quite literally, the “anti-princess”) who doesn’t mince words. The songs that make up GOODBYE, all of which were written or co-written by Anthony, give the phrase ‘girl power’ a whole new meaning: the defiant title track, “Goodbye,” featuring rapper Mo-Unique, lets her fans know she’s not afraid to confront a bad situation; power ballads like “Villain” and “So Long” show a strong young woman who is clearly in touch with her emotions; the youthful, crowd-chant-inducing “Don’t Fall In Love (With Me)” is a fun song that young fans will gravitate to quickly; while “Death of Me” is a rock-laced cry for freedom. Anthony understands the power of a passionately written pop song and uses that power to cut right to the chase of every emotional situation, much to the pleasure of her fast-growing fan base – she has an eTeam list of over 125,000 fans, as well as over 47,000 MySpace friends.

The title track single “Goodbye” has already sold 15,000 digital copies, reaching the Top 100 on the iTunes Pop Chart, and Top 10 at retailers and FYE Digital (where it climbed to #2 behind Rihanna’s smash “Umbrella”). The HOT track, which has been called “The Female National Anthem” by Anthony’s legion of female fans track also spent 3 weeks on the R&R CHR/Pop Top 40 Chart.

The album's 2nd single "So Long" is currently being played on over 125 radio stations across the country and has spent 2 weeks on the R&R CHR/Pop Top 40 Chart. In addition, the video for the single has received over 100,000 views and mass critical praise for Anthony’s harsh portrayal of the Bush administration and the last 8 years. The video has also subjected Anthony to multiple death threats.

In 2004, Anthony independently recorded and released her debut, the edgy rock album, VENT (she also co-wrote and co-produced). After two singles, “Vent” and “C’mon, C’mon” each spent more than ten weeks on the R&R CHR/Pop Top 40 Chart, she went on to sell over 175,000 albums and digital tracks and tour with Christina Aguilera, Barenaked Ladies, James Taylor, Oasis, The Black Crows, Chris Isaak, Enrique Iglesias, Tom Petty and others.

A brief example of Sally’s passion and dedication: on the last night of recording sessions for GOODBYE, she was in a serious car accident, totaling her 2001 Porsche 911. She was badly hurt, even blacking out for a few minutes and the police wanted to take her directly to the hospital. However, she knew she only had a few more hours of recording time so she went back to the studio to finish the heartfelt ballad “Villain,” the last song she recorded for the album.

With fierce independence, Anthony has established a loyal base of fans that is 75% female, ages 16-35. With the buzz growing on a daily basis, the time is now to experience Sally Anthony.


GOODBYE (10/23/2007 Gracie Productions/EMI) - 16,755 albums sold domestically since release.

Top 5 Soundscan Markets:
1. Indianapolis (3,504)
2. Louisville (2,322)
3. Dayton (1,043)
4. Cleveland (995)
5. Cincinnati (711)

Current single "So Long" being played on over 125 radio stations already Top 40 for 2 straight weeks on the R&R CHR/POP Chart. 1st single "Goodbye" sold over 15,000 digital copies and spent 3 weeks on the R&R CHR/POP Chart.

VENT (8/31/2004 Gracie Productions) - 45,711 albums sold domestically since release.

Top 5 Soundscan Markets:
1. Cincinnati (6,455)
2. Indianapolis (6,347)
3. Dayton (4,535)
4. Cleveland (4,135)
5. Atlanta (3,401)

Two singles, “Vent” and “C’mon, C’mon” each spent more than ten weeks on the R&R CHR/Pop Top 40 Chart

Openers for: Christina Aguilera, James Taylor, The Barenaked Ladies, Black Crows, Oasis, Chris Isaak, Natalie Merchant, Enrique Iglesias, Shawn Mullins and more. Over 200 performances.

COME CLEAN (10/22/2002 Gracie Productions) - 20,814 albums sold domestically since release.

Top 5 Soundscan Markets:
1. Indianapolis (7,466)
2. Cincinnati (1,467)
3. Atlanta (1,011)
4. Dayton (968)
5. Los Angeles (962)

Single "My Life" played on over 75 radio stations.

Set List

45 minutes - 1 hour