Sally Head

Sally Head


Sally Head has always thought of themselves not as "a band" but as more of a "secret recipe for success". They're constantly in the kitchen cooking up new flavors of music. Some people want the Mrs. Dash, but Sally Head lets a heavy dose of Peruvian garlic and fresh cilantro do the talking.


Every time a pubescent boy has a dream, it's safe to say Sally Head is the soundtrack to that dream. An amalgamation of American road music, subtle humor and European sophistication, the men-children of Sally Head have their sleeves full of various aces which they always keep at the ready. At the hot, molten core of this distant groove planet are Lee McAlilly and Joey Betras, two southern gentlemen who rode the rails up North to the musical Mecca that is Brooklyn, New York. On that journey they encountered people from all walks of life and completely ignored them. The mystical Appalachian Mountains, the shores of New Jersey, the unyielding steel mill culture of Pittsburgh; these are just a few of the exotic locales from which these troubled troubadours refused to draw inspiration from.


Grime Collectibles - EP

Set List

About 30 minutes, might go like this ...

Yoga Hair
Neon Buddha
Well Fed
Stuck In My Gut
Electric Rail
Chowder Heads
Lou Reed