Sally Tomato

Sally Tomato

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Sally Tomato has been recognized as a truly unique and enigmatic artist by fans and critics alike. She is a story teller and a conduit for the characters in these stories. There is depth, drama and comedy in her creations. There is keen perception and there is always an angle.


“Sally Tomato. Is she the product of Artificial Intelligence? Is she a figment of some deranged scientist’s libidinously twisted mentation? Is she the 21st century uberfrau? Is she all of the above? Indeed she is, and more. Much more.” SP Clarke

Sally Tomato is the lead singer of her eponymous band and best known as the star of “Toy Room,” the international and award winning rock opera film. A journey through Sally Tomato’s life, “Toy Room” is her biography. It takes us through her difficult childhood, a tumultuous early adulthood, an abusive marriage, and culminates in redemption through a tool we all share, the innocence of our inner child. If Fellini set Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” to music by Frank Zappa, the result would feel like “Toy Room.” Dramatic, haunting, ethereal, and playful, “Toy Room” shows us Sally Tomato and more. Much more.

The rock opera is just one in a library of unique and entertaining releases. Her documented history is scattered, and is mostly based on myth and rumor. From what we can tell, she learned to play piano by ear at age two. Doctors quickly advised her to stop playing piano with her ears and use her hands instead. Later, she learned to crawl onto the dining room table began singing to American Bandstand, working on her stage presence for a number of years before going to college on a vocal scholarship. Since then she has sung her way into the hearts of many.

The intimate “Soup” EP was recorded in 2001 and features Sally’s trademark approach on a handful of acoustic numbers. “Concentration” was the 2004 follow up which solidified her presence in the NW regional music scene and features the cult classic “The Original Barbie”.

The musical travel documentary series "Tomato Travels" includes 3 film shorts. The latest, "My Dirty Left Foot" (2009), follows Sally through the UK as they win awards for "Toy Room" at two film festivals. “UFO Am I” (2007) follows Sally as she ventures to Area 51 and beyond in search of The Truth. The first in the “explOregon” travel series was released in 2008 and takes a hard look at covered bridges, ghost towns and pixie sticks.

Sally Tomato occurs above an ever changing and rich musical backdrop created by backing instrumentalists Carlos Severe Marcelin on guitar and electronics and Eric Flint on drums. The band utilizes textured guitars, sequencing, loops, various electronic gadgets, and a huge drum kit to make it all happen, adding richness and depth to Sally's wild fluctuations between smoky chanteuse and childlike recitations. When she teams up with her volunteer run performance art group, the results are consistently and uniquely entertaining. Sally Tomato looks at the world with a fresh set of eyes.

“Even though we are born the same, over time we are not. We are cut and scarred and made into human art.” Sally Tomato


The Original Barbie

Written By: Sally Tomato

it was just another saturday
and i had nowhere to go and nowhere to play
i went into my bedroom and looked upon the floor
there was ken and barbie nothing more.

so i looked at ken and i said,
"how about getting barbie naked?"
so we slipped off her nice little white shirt
(the one with the red tie)
and slipped off her blue spandex pants.
she had nothing on underneath
ken's eyes got wide
and i said ken-doll, there's something missing on your bride

he didn't even notice and he didn't have a clue
but i thought i knew just what to do
i said ken look at barbie she's missing some nips
i say ken, let's put some pins in barbie's tits

sticking little pins - sticking little pins
sticking pins in barbie's tits
her eyes got wide and her mouth flew open she said,
"but what about him he's missing something too!"
barbie said, "there's nothing on ken for me to screw"
ok girlfriend what are we going to do about him now?

so i took my gum out of my mouth and rolled a couple little balls
made a stiff little dick and I put them on, all three all
put them in a box, shook them up, listened to them fuck.
what to you know- those two like to screw so much i can't get them apart

how all did it start?
from sticking pins sticking tiny, tiny little pins
sticking pins in barbie's tits
sticking pins in barbie's tits

[audience participation]
please bring your titless nippleless barbies to the front stage.
we will supply you with colored straight pins
either blue or red or yellow, depending on your particular fetish this evening
we have bubble yum and i can give you some
either chewed or still in the pack
now ladies, if you don't have a ken-doll with you tonight,
you might check the guy who is sitting next to you
just put your hands between his legs
and if he's got nothing between his legs you got an original ken doll
i suggest you take some of this gum and you form some and have him jump in your box
and have a good time

stick some tiny teeny pins in barbie's tits
i know it sounds silly, a game for little nitwits
i'm sticking pins, sticking pins in barbie's little, little tits
she needs some nips.

in 1959 that was fine...
but we're in the year 2003 i think the girl deserves some nipples
and give ken a dick while your at it - preferably one that will move
oh yeah, and let's give barbie a deeper groove.

went into my bedroom on a saturday
had no place to go and i had nowhere else to play
i looked on my bedroom floor and there was ken and barbie
they had nothing else to do but play with me.

i said to my ken-doll
"lets get barbie naked!"
and we slipped off her little shirt
i scooted off her little navy blue spandex pants
and ken started to flirt
yeehaw!, barbie's naked now
i say ken-doll, there's something missing, don't have a cow
i can fix it, don't you notice
that barbie has no nips
but this is what i'm gonna
i'm gonna do it now
don't freak out, it'll only hurt for a second

i'm gonna stick some pins in barbie's tits...

and barbie's eyes grew wide
and her mouth flew open in surprise
she said, "hey what about him?
what in the hell am i supposed to do
there's nothing on him for me to screw!"
so i took out my bubble gum and i rolled a dick...
and some balls...
and i gave ken some...

and i put ken and barbie in a little box
and it started to rock
they were doing it all day long
i didn't know how to get it to end

when i opened the lid, they were still doing it
i couldn't get them apart
to this very day
they're still screwing
in my box and it was all of my doing
cause i stuck some pins
some tiny, teeny little pins in barbie's tits

i wanna do it again. i wanna
stick some pins in barbie's tits
stick some pins in barbie's tits
i wanna find a virgin doll
make those pins nice and small

stick em' in.
stick some pins...

we should get a big old pen out
and just cram it right between her legs.

yes mother...
how come your doll has ink between her legs?
and how come she's got pins in her breasts?

i didn't do it mom, i have no idea...
maybe she came out of the box that way
i don't think so young lady,
oh, well, isn't it ok?
mommy, this is a dirty barbie
well like, isn't it okay mom?
after all, it is the year 2003,
so... isn't that ok, besides
is there such a thing as a clean barbie?
i thought all barbies were dirty
they pretend to be so practical
yet there little sex fiends
little sex kittens
why mommy, barbie should be punished
mommy, would you get some black leather
i think we should strap her down and spank her
like the bad doll she is mommy!

barbie's evil, naughty she's a sex fiend
she wants it, she told me, she whispered it in my ear
"hello, please strap me down, i'm such a bad little barbie"
and if i say no, do you know what she does?
she gets on my favorite stuffed dog and does it doggy style
i wanna scream but i'm afraid by the time anybody comes in my room
she's gonna be back

Toy Room

Written By: Sally Tomato

it's just another day, just another day
in the toy room
it's just another day, just another day
in the toy room

the mouse comes out to play
and the spiders too
they wonder what they can do
in the toy room

in the toy room
adults are not allowed
and the children
are all gone

in the toy room
in the toy room

Personal Nightmare

Written By: Sally Tomato

Welcome to my personal nightmare,
pass me down another beer.
I am tired of livin' like a loser.
I just want to get, get outa here.

That's me in my favorite parking lot,
where I sleep in the back of my car.
I can go a couple of blocks down.
I'm not trying to get away
so I don't go far.

Welcome to my personal nightmare,
I married me a white trash man.
I’m not really feelin’ like a winner,
feelin’ like a wiener in a bad dream,
and I’m a loser’s wife.

Well, welcome to my trailer park!
Have you met the children in the
neighborhood? They’re all inbred,
yes they are… try not to stare at them. Have you met my husband?! Oh yes, he’s drunk, what’s new?
Isn’t he a gem? Well you know we love him.

Well I was raised much better than
this you know, I came from a family
who knew how to live!
We had a house on a hill.
You know, we really did
and now I’m livin' like this,
and I’m living with him.

Welcome to my personal nightmare,
I married me a white trash man.
All day long I clean up after him.

Oh well, it's my personal hell.

Yeah, did you see those dogs outside? I don’t know who they belong to but they howl all night and keep us awake. That’s alright, my husband doesn’t go to work in the morning anyway so what
difference does it make?


Written By: Carlos Severe Marcelin and Sally Tomato


I’m rocking back and forth.

Where should we go from here?

I’m rocking back and forth.

What kind of voices do I hear?

They are all whispering at me.

How should we fix our face?Hey what kind of clothes should we wear?

I’m rocking back and forth.

We share this strange personality.

I’m rocking back and forth.

What kind of voices do I hear?

They are all whispering at me.

I don’t recognize my clothes.

I’m rocking back and forth.

Living deep inside of me.


Toy Room (2010, DVD), My Dirty Left Foot (2009, DVD), Toy Room (2008, CD), ExplOregon (2008, DVD), UFO Am I (2007, DVD), Rodeo Land (2007, CD Single), Concentration (2004, CD), Soup (2001,EP)

Set List

Toy Room rock opera soundtrack (70 min)


UFO are You (UFORU) (30 min)
Greatest Hits (45 min)