Funky African Salsa Explosion! The musical road from Africa to Latin America and back again now goes straight through Toronto. -


Using the sounds of contemporary salsa and african music grounding SalsAfrica is a truly Canadian band with representatives from Madagascar, Peru, Kenya, Nigeria, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Italy and Venezuela included in the players and producers of the project. SalsAfrica delivers Funky African Salsa that is guaranteed to get you moving.
The cross-cultural collaboration that is SalsAfrica was created by Lula Lounge co-owner Jose Ortega in 2007. Ortega observed that although contemporary Latin and African music share many roots, there was not a lot of overlap within Toronto between the players or audiences for these musical forms. By bringing together this band, Lula Lounge hoped to encourage musicians to take advantage of the cultural and musical diversity that Canada (and specifically Toronto) offers by bringing together players creating and performing in different genres."
Jose Ortega.

Under the direction of musical director Luisito Orbegoso, the principle members of SalsAfrica developed their repetoire through a collaborative effort with each member suggesting a few songs. Some tunes were chosen for their lyrical content exploring the debt of latin forms to African rhythms, musical structure and dance. Some African tunes were chosen because their latin flavour could be emphasized and celebrated through a different arrangement. Several of the Latin pieces were selected because their African roots are very close to the surface - just waiting to be revealed. Original songs were contributed by Donné Roberts, Adam Solomon, Yeti Ajasin and Roberto Linares Brown. Since it's birth, the band has expanded it's original repertoire and is now creating a truly unique canadian african salsa sound.