SALTCOATS have a classic acoustic sound that is familiar yet entirely new, varied but cohesive using rustic instrumentation and a fun, high-energy stage presence throughout.


SALTCOATS began without a name several years ago in the mind of “the ever-playful Will Gillespie” (Greg Younger-Lewis, CBC's Points North).

There was this certain rustic tone ringing in his ears that was nearly realized when Marco Donato accompanied him on a recording, playing mandolin and banjo, giving a vintage sound of clunky blues that stood out among the tracks on the record. Later on, the Will Gillespie Trio brought in the warm, woody thump of a double bass and swish of brushes that hearkened back to a simpler time and gave this vision a second life. Finally, after several incarnations, what started out as a few friends filling in for a couple weekend gigs became SALTCOATS, the realization of this sound. Will gave friend and fellow Sudbury musician Josh Turnbull a call to play drums after trying out a few unsuccessful applicants, and the four words that brought this monster to its feet came through the cell phone: "I play trumpet, too.”

Currently the SALTCOATS are working on a full length album to be released by the summer of 2009. Already, the band has several tracks in rotation across Ontario on campus radio and the CBC.

“If there had been such a thing as indie rock in the 1930's when some of the century's great pop songs were being written... it would have sounded like The Saltcoats.”
Paul Loewenberg, Artistic Director, Northern Lights Festival

Recent highlights include:
Sudbury's Musical Playground Grand Prize Winner 2008 (Children's songwriting competition)
Private Showcase sponsored by Music and Film in Motion at 2008 OCFF Conference
Performed with Sheesham & Lotus and Jackie Washington at Northern Lights Festival workshop in 2008
2009 Mariposa showcase
Have played with such bands as: Elliott Brood, United Steelworkers of Montreal, Ox, Statues, James Lamb and The Wild Turkeys
Played for Sudbury's 125th Anniversary Celebrations at their main stage concert and on the city of Sudbury's float in the 2008 Santa Claus Parade


Worm in the Street

Written By: William James Gillespie

Raining, raining, raining, pouring...

It's been a drought of a year.
Now there's sunshowers on a Tuesday evening,
thunderstorming at night.

I open the window
turn out the light and I hear
that it's raining.

Raining, raining, raining, pouring rain.

It's raining.
It's pouring.
It's you I adore.

My clothes are getting heavy
My sight is getting dim
If this keeps up much longer
I'll have to learn to swim
because it's raining.

And it's breaking down the levy
breaking my restraint
breaking through the cieling
and peeling off the paint
yes, it's raining

It's raining
It's pouring
It's you I adore.
You haunt me. I'm devistated
like a worm in the street.

How Nice

Written By: William James Gillespie

Your eyes are so deep
and the world is asleep
when they are looking into mine.

How nice?
So nice, so nice,
so nice I want to stick around.

You have been so sweet
while I'm eating my feet
and I still somehow step out of line.

How nice?
So nice. So nice
So nice I think I'll stay around.

Like a beach out in coffee country,
the land of the cocoa bean
Kiss me, you'll se what I mean...

How nice?
So nice...

Nowhere to Go

Written By: William James Gillespie

When the sun comes out
I'll come back to you
Morning has arrived

I hate to say we have nowhere to go
unless you say yes.

Saturday morning lasts until dinner time.
Wouldn't it be so lovely if I could take you away from all of this?

I live to hear you say yes.

Nowhere to go.

Bundle Up

Written By: William James Gillespie

So, bundle up, up, up
Let's walk, walk, walk
It's comming down, down, down...

like a million falling stars.
I wish on every one
for the same thing.

I look up at those stars
and catch one on my tounge.
If this were Summertime
it would just be raining.

So bundle up...

like shavings from the moon.
They're carving it in space
to give the moon a face
but it's mostly maintenance these days.

So bundle up...

like ashes from a fire
that took this long to fall.
We go around the Sun each year and catch them.

Or, perhaps it's not the sun,
but merely fireworks
from Toronto or New York
or anybody else
ringing in the year

So bundle up, up, up.
Let's walk, walk walk.
It's comming down, down, down...


Written By: William James Gillespie

Your hand on my arm in the gallery leaves a mark for a couple weeks.

She's only a friend.
My partner and me don't get any good night's sleep

when you laugh at all of my jokes.
Quit standing out
in a crowd
like a lighthouse.

You're the only one I see.
-I just can't get to sleep-
Stay out of my daydreams.

She's only a friend.
My partner and me don't get any good night's sleep.

One sigh of longing and one of relief each time you arrive or leave.

The name on my tounge, a confession is about to breach
what have I done?

She's only a friend.
My partner and me don't get any good night's sleep.

So don't laugh at all my bad jokes.
Quit standing out
in a crowd
like a lighthouse.

You're the only one I see
-I just can't get to sleep-
Stay out of my daydreams...

So Long to a Dream

Written By: William James Gillespie

Go out to take on the world
happening in its own time.
"So Long to a Dream,"
like the birds by my window I'll sing.

The people can keep walking by.
With the road out before me,
I'll smile.
So Long to a Dream.
They can take it to mean anything.

Before you I offer my dreams.
Like pedals, they litter the street.
So long for a while.
There are pilgrims to kiss every mile.


Will Gillespie with These Fabulous Saltcoats - Days of the Sun (2007)
Saltcoats - Bells & Whistles EP (2009)

Set List

Usually we do two 11-song sets, all original and save a few barn burners for encores. We don't really do covers. Every month or so we ad a new song are two, keeping up with the older tunes, too in case that would fit into the set or please the crowd better to slow it down or pick it up.
We've done gigs with other bands that do more trad stuff and we can get along on some folk standards or blues tunes in those cases.
We're at the point now where we have more than enough fun original songs to get by.