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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Band R&B Funk




"Saltee Performance Rosens Sports Sunday/ WCCO T.V."

Saltee Performance 2011 WCCO TV - WCCO

"Adam Levy's DIY 360 IPR Music College Concert Review"

Enter the launch: Carnage live samples a hard hitting beat box (complete with harmonica solo?). The ground work has been laid for an unyielding blend of harmonious dissonance (that I could hum along to). This is crazy! Was that guitar I just heard? Was it a cello? The trickery doesn’t add up! And what appears a candy layered assortment results in a chemical free trip of ears playing tricks on eyes. The opening curtain demonstrates nothing less than a perfectly crafted sonic disclosure. - IPR COLLEGE

"Saltee/ Outdoor Series Summer 11'"

see enclosed link - Cedar Cultural Center

"Some Spice, A Little Sugar, and Whole Lot of Saltee"

It was Loud, it was brash , it was beautiful. Wonderful complex but accessible music and even more fun to watch them create it live! - The Cedar Cultural Center / Concert Review


Group Discography.....

Saltee Live at Shoebox Gallery LP, 2011
Saltee Live at The Electric Fetus LP (coming 1/27/12)

Individual Discographies, recording, touring credits....

MIKE MICHEL: CO-OP, Bill Mike Band, Haley Bonar,Carnage, Unknown Prophets, Iffy, Robert Skoro (Mason Jennings Band), Dave King (The Bad Plus), Wendy Lewis (The Bad Plus), Anthony Cox (Taj Mahal), Eyedea, Rogue Valley/Chris Koza, Chan Poling (The Suburbs), Alicia Wiley, Courtney Yasmineh, Vicky Emerson,

JACQUELINE ULTAN: Jayhawks: Mockingbird Time 2011; Dan Wilson: Free Life; Fog: Glory; 10th Ave., Freakout Plum Dumb; Jelloslave: Touch It, 2003; Purple Orange, 2006; Starfolk EP: Lemon Lime 2009; Barb Ryman: Catch The Sunset 2011; Storyhill: Storyhill; Dan Israel: Mama's Kitchen; Neil and Leandra: Stranger To My Kin; Holly Long: Leaving Kansas 2008, Frequency 2010; Tina and The B Sides:Monster, It's All Just The Same; The Alarmists: Ghost of the Hired Gun; Marlee Mcleod: Vertigo; Arsen Garden: The Belle Stomp; Ashe and Spencer: The Calming Sea

CARNAGE THE EXECUTIONER: Smooth Composition Recordings - The Collective (Hip-Hop compilation), 1997; Oddjobs - Conflict And Compromise, 1999; The SWEEPS - Bootleg Tracks From Junkion, 2001; Oliver Hart (Eyedea) - The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart Or How Eye One The Write To Think, 2002; The SWEEPS - Foreign Genetics, 2003; Carnage - The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP, 2004; Eyedea & Abilities - E&A, 2004; Eyedea & Abilities - Roadmix, 2005; Cheap Cologne - Something Random, 2005; The Crest - Skeptik, 2005; Face Candy - This Is Where We Were, 2006; Ill Chemistry (Carnage & Desdamona) - Symbiosis, 2006; Bill Mike Band & Carnage - Count To Three (EP), 2006; Carnage - Sense Of Sound, 2007; Desdamona - The Source, 2007; Carnage - justincaseyoumissedthem, 2010; Face Candy - Wasteage Teenland, 2011; Carnage - Worth The Wait, 2011.




SALTEE is a unique Minneapolis supergroup formed in 2009 that features Jacqueline Ultan/cello, Mike Michel guitar/stompboxes and Carnage the Executioner/beatboxing and vocal manipulation.

SALTEE is an Indie, urban, organic, neo classical hip hop groove trio steam driven by afro-cuban beatboxing, raw cello, and dj-phonic guitar, creating the ultimate soundtrack experience that combines memorable global melodies with unearthly acoustic and electronic sounds.

The 3 members of SALTEE represent a broad musical pallet but congeal together into one unique and modern power trio. Saltee brings a Roman Scroll of individual touring and studio credits to the table but are simply focused on creating memorable songs and worldly sounds to inspire others. SALTEE LOVES COLLABORATING WITH SCHOOLS AND CAN COMBINE A PERSONAL PERFORMANCE/CONCERT WITH A MUSIC EDUCATION WORKSHOP!

MIKE MICHEL is a Minnesota Music Academy award winning modern guitarist, songwriter, guitar pedal guru, and community arts organizer. Mike has lent his unique brand of "outside the box" guitar playing and organic sounds to many diverse national touring artists like HALEY BONAR, EYEDEA, & The UNKNOWN PROPHETS. Mike has performed at many rock festivals (SXSW, NXNE, CMJ), jam band festivals (10k, EFFIT FEST) experimental art houses and hip hop festivals throughout the United States. Mike has been nominated "Best Guitarist" 2x by The Minnesota Music Academy and his personal compositions have landed on MTV, ESPN, PBS & Showtime. Outside of performing and recording, Mike has founded many popular Minneapolis community-driven music organizations like Rock For A Cause, Rock Camp For Dads, and his new private teaching practice, The Rock & Roll Therapy Room!

CARNAGE THE EXECUTIONER is widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity, boundless energy on stage, and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through beat boxing. His unwavering work ethic and kind heart have earned him the respect of many of independent & commercial music's most reputable artists (SLUG of Atmosphere, EYEDEA, KRS-ONE). He teaches both private and group beatboxing lessons in community and school settings, extensively covering the fundamentals of beatboxing while adding in components of basic rhyme/rap-writing structure. Carnage's “Worth The Wait” album was listed as ‘One Of The Best Albums Of 2011’ in the Star Tribune in 2011. He was said to be "...busy proving why he should be called the most skillful emcee in MN". Furthermore, the Star Trib has made the claim that Carnage's “mouth might be the best drummer in town”, in reference to his beat boxing skills. Carnage's “The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP” was nominated as 'One Of The Top 10 Albums That Matter In The Past 2 Years' in the Star Trib in 2004. Carnage collaborates with Hip-Hop/spoken word artist Desdamona to form the duo Ill Chemistry. They received a Minnesota Music Award nomination for 'Best Hip Hop Artist/Group' in 2006.

JACQUELINE ULTAN graduated from YALE University with a Master's Degree in performance. Jacqueline's unique versatility as a cellist, composer and collaborator has put her in demand among some of the world's foremost artists in new and creative music, including The JAYHAWKS new 2011 release Mockingbird Time, DAN WILSON, E. Carlos Nakai, Anthony Cox, The New Standards, Huun Hur Tu, Kevin Kling, British pianist and composer Tony Hymas, and French artists, songwriter/bassist Imbert Imbert and cellist Didier Petit. Jacqueline currently performs and composes in four unique and acclaimed projects: Saltee, Jelloslave, Starfolk, and Antigravity. Jacqueline was selected, along with 7 other twin cities artists, to present an evening of music with her four bands, for the 2011 premiere season of the Cedar Cultural Center's new 416 Club Commissions program, funded by the Jerome Foundation. Jacqueline's bands have been featured at the Twin Cities most prominent festivals and venues, including the WALKER ART CENTER, CEDAR CULTURAL CENTER, SOUTHERN THEATER, St. Paul's Concrete and Grass and Sur Seine Festivals, The Northrop Summer Music Series, Macy's Day of Music, Mill City Live Summer Concert Series, and many more. Jacqueline is a dedicated teacher and educator and has served on the faculty at the Macphail Center for Music and the Minneapolis Community and Technical College for many years, while also maintaining a flourishing private home studio.

Saltee's National Openers: Blue King Brown, Gang Font
(Greg Norton/Husker Du).

Saltee's Festivals Performances: Living Green Expo, IPR College DIY 360 Series, Cedar Cultural Center Summer Series 2011.