Saltwater Allstars

Saltwater Allstars


Fun, Upbeat, Energetic, Party band. "Surf Rock Reggae" style. Great for Shore areas. Sublime meets Dick Dale. Versatile: Original Material and Covers


We play an original brand of "Surf Rock Reggae", and have been playing up and down the Jersey Shore for 3 years. Our influences include Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, surf guitar legend Dick Dale, and The Police. We separate ourselves by putting together a unique show every time, blending our repertoire of covers with our original catalog to create something fresh and exciting on the scene.


Self released our full length album in 2006 titled "Benny Plow" .

Songs Featured on 95.9 WRAT as part of "Jersey Rock"

Press Write-ups in The Asbury Park Press and Night & Day Magazine.

6 tracks up for streaming at, including the brand new song "Wings on the Wind" written for a deceased family member. Its the first song recorded for our next full length album due out in 2008.

Set List

We play over 40 songs in an average evening, usually divided into 2 long sets. We can also break that up into 3 sets if necessary.

Original Songs:
Barrel Jack
Promise Me Lies
Soul Slide
Midnight Hours
Tank Dub
Comin' or Goin'
Wide Awake
Benny Plow
The Real Deal
Take A Walk
The Kraft
On a Tear
El Cheapo
Livin'up the Life
One Hand Washes
We can get along
In Love

Bob Marley-Jammin', Stir it up, Hammer
The Police-Walking on the moon,message in a bottle
Sublime - What I got, Santeria, Wrong Way,Slowride, Badfish,
311- All mixed up, Beautiful Disaster, Amber, Love Song
Dick Dale -- Miserlou, Pipeline
Pepper - No Control, Dryspell, b.o.o.t.
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow
Matisyahu - King without a Crown
Rammones -- Rockaway Beach, Blitzkrieg Bop, I wanna be Sedated
Reel Big Fish -- Take on Me, Hotel California
Kyuss-- Size Queen > Catamaran
Beatles--Come together
Jimi Hendrix--Fire/Purple Haze
Cream--Sunshine of your love
ZZ t