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Saltwater Gypsy

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
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"The Ripple Effect :Saltwater Gypsy - 190 Proof"

" I have come to believe that Canadian winters provide the perfect combination of hardship and loneliness to produce stellar rock for this unique musical duo."
- The Ripple Effect

"Saltwater Gypsy releases "Fifth" to rave reviews"

Single "Everyone Heals" is one person's view of child abuse
click link for full review...

- BriefingWire

"Saltwater Gypsy new single "Everything Heals" hits home with their audience"

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 07, 2010 – SALTWATER GYPSY

Saltwater Gypsy was co-founded by Kevin Schmitke and Justin Spearing in 2008. This was built on a 10 year musical relationship. The writing and styling is that of Kevin Schmitke who plays and performs all of the instruments excluding Justin’s tracks. Their style is a fusion of rock, blues with a sprinkle of country thrown in which begins back in the 1950’s to present time. Saltwater Gypsy has developed a catalogue that far exceeds the material that has been released to the public. They continue to build on this catalogue to this day.

The release of their debut CD titled “Fifth” has long been anticipated by fans from all over. On this CD lead single “Everything Heals” is about an abused child at the hands of his father. Its lyrical content is powerful sung with conviction and emotion. This song has an abundance of melodic sections, with multiple guitars in sync, in the zone and in the moment. One unique aspect is that Kevin’s 14 year old daughter lends her vocal talent to some of the groups songs. Audience reviews indicate that this song is by far the best they’ve heard from this group. They have received some great reviews, one of which was from Artie Kornfeld, a co-creator of Woodstock.

This “Fifth” has been released in its digital format and is available at most iStores. At this time Saltwater Gypsy play small acoustic showcases but are ready to move to a larger scale if the need arises. Putting together a complete band to answer the challenge of working a larger arena has been always a goal in their minds.

“Even though Saltwater Gypsy is new to the industry, Kevin’s accomplishments go back 25 years. He is not only a graduate of the American Audio Institute’s Recording engineer and Music Production program under Pete Miller, he is also a graduate of the Musician’s Institute’s GIT program. He has written albums for acts and worked with some of the most influential people in the Canadian Music industry before leaving to raise his child as a single parent”.

Saltwater Gypsy is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:

To listen to and/or purchase some or all of their songs, please log onto the following websites: (Search: Saltwater Gypsy)

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A & R Select is a promotional and placement company for musicians all over the world. Based in Hollywood, Ca., they have a strategic location for all musicians as they continually flock to that area of the world for recognition and stardom.

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- PRLog

"Saltwater Gypsy"

Saltwater Gypsy is a true rock band that is making a sound worth more than just 'checking out,' as I sometimes I say. Simply put, when I listen to their songs I just know it is good, but have a hard time explaining it. The band is greatly inspired by their own life event, which not all have been easy, or nice. Saltwater Gypsy is made up of Kevin Schmitke, and Justin Spearing. The sound it diverse. My best comparison would be the Black Crows, and heavy alternative, but they are far from being defined as that. Talent is an underscore, and passion is like not much I have seen. How these guys have not gotten more light is beyond me.

Songs I like are "New Horizon" and "Crazy Lady." They can be heard at their myspace:

- The Independant Music Scene


Saltwater Gypsy Fifth Vol.1
Saltwater Gypsy Fifth Vol.2 (Sample bedtrack up)




Saltwater Gypsy is a Canadian roots rock brand of music based in Calgary, Alberta. Saltwater Gypsy has been making emotionally authentic music since 2008. Founded by musician/songwriter Kevin Schmitke (with help from long time friend and student Justin Spearing, who may also be considered a co-founder). Kevin now serves as SWG's principal songwriter, singer and performer, the music genre is a combination of hard rock and blues, with elements of a classic country aesthetic. The recordings are the product of a dedicated and multi-talented singer-songwriter, and so the music is defined by a headstrong and independent spirit, hearkening back to the Southern rock'n'roll of the '50s.

While Saltwater Gypsy has been in recorded existence for a short time only, the music is a product of Kevin's twenty-five year history of songwriting, performing and recording. Kevin's storied history of growing up on a gypsy homestead with no running water in Manitoba, on his own by the age of 17 and heading to Hollywood at 19 to pursue a prestigious musical education, all reflect in the music produced by Saltwater Gypsy.

Saltwater Gypsy released it's first EP, entitled "Fifth", in 2010. These early recordings marked the brand's first attempt to release a series of songs with strong conceptual connections and a narrative arc. The album's standout track, “Everything Heals,” is an unsettling but ultimately redemptive meditation on abuse. The rest of the tracks on the album wrestle with similar themes of hardship and loss, co-mingled with a genuine hope for healing. Whether in the tremulous plucking of a guitar string or Kevin's growling, tortured, hard-living voice, the emotional tone and narrative authenticity of their songs always ring true.

Kevin and his brand "Saltwater Gypsy" stand apart from his peers even further, as the capability of recording, producing and mixing the music is always available. Kevin is a graduate of both the American Audio Institute’s "Recording Engineer" program and the Musician’s Institute’s "GIT" program, and after recording the first SWG EP "Fifth", in very humble beginnings, Kevin set about and constructed an impressive recording and production studio. Now formally known as "SWG Sound", this studio comes complete with a long list of premium instruments and session players waiting for their cameo call. Kevin is now moving forward with SWG, focusing on recording the ideas inspired by a 25 year history of playing/performing and a lifetime love of music and recording.

rock/ blues/ country

Kevin Schmitke – primary songwriter/musician, producer.

Current Release
“The Devil's Dime” Single
Release date forthcoming; preview available.
Performed and recorded by Kevin Schmitke.

Previous Releases
Fifth Vol.1 EP
Independently released, 2010
Performed, produced and recorded by Kevin Schmitke.
Additional vocals/guitar/lyrics by Justin Spearing
Additional vocals by Savannah Schmitke.