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Salute Mary

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"'Salute Mary tonight establish their place in Edinburgh’s unsigned music scene completely.'"

Edinburgh-based four-piece Salute Mary open the show to an already energetic crowd, and kick off instantly with a fiery passion and heavy rock coolness. Lead singer Calum lends his brilliant vocals to the outfit; vocals so good they could easily rival the greats of Julian Casablancas or James Skelly in terms of credibility and talent. Title track 'Fire’ shows off these vocals, alongside the band’s tight knack for vivacious rock music and creates the highlight of their set. With new songs in the horizon, Salute Mary tonight establish their place in Edinburgh’s unsigned music scene completely. - Music News

"'vocal similarity to Jim Morrison - which is no bad thing!'"

''vocal similarity to Jim Morrison - which is no bad thing!' - Vic Galloway - BBC Radio 1

"'this band have made a very coherent release and deserve to do well.'"

'this band have made a very coherent release and deserve to do well.' - is this music?

"'a most amazing amalgam of Seattle, Scottish indie, seventies New York and blues-rock all in a contemporary indie melting pot'"

The opening track starts out with this deliberate drum beat as an upper register guitar lead almost verges on feeding back as the drum simmers to a clatter and deep bass swirls around the sudden emergence of the brooding lead vocal. The vocalist then suddenly goes all angst-ridden for a brief moment heralding the arrival of the crash of spiralling guitars before the song drops back to the stripped-down impassioned verses with a mix of feelings that encompass haunting to menacing before the guitars flare once again, the rhythms start to drive, but it's all only allowed to take off so far before the verse reappear, each time the vocal still dark and impassioned, the drama of the song contrasting with the solar heat of the band when the guitars ride out and the whole thing erupts. “Hanging From Trees” is more overtly solid throughout, still contrasting light and shade on the vocal and instrumental sections, this time with a more anguished lead vocal as the track possesses more bite and venom, less haunting, as the band crunch forward with choppy drums, twangy bass, sizzling guitars and what sounds like a sinuous violin running underneath for extra textural depth. The song itself exists in a sea of passion, angst and yearning, as the band twang and drive, choppy mid-paced rhythms underpinning mellow, solid bass and chiming, rising guitars as the pace accelerates and the band start to burn towards a brief fiery finale. “Alibi” is more urgent in a sort of New York Dolls-meet-Stones vein as the song drives forward with an impassioned lead vocal, bursts of instrumentation, a bluesy heart and vibrant playing from the whole band. Finally, “Vivid Pale” starts with searing feedback-laced guitar over gently solid rhythms and deep bass as a decidedly Pearl Jam-esque vocal strides out on a song that flares out at all angles with guitar eruptions, gently rolling rhythms, chiming guitar undercurrents and soaring harmonies as the bass comes and goes right upfront in an ocean of fuzz as the song chops and changes, led by the impressive and heartfelt angst of the lead singer who really delivers the goods. In its way, a most amazing amalgam of Seattle, Scottish indie, seventies New York and blues-rock all in a contemporary indie melting pot and one sure fire winner of an EP - Andy Garibaldi (Dead Earnest & Radio North Angus)

"An undeniable spirit at work"

Edinburgh’s Salute Mary hit 88 miles per hour in a Delorean aimed straight for the grunge era with their ‘Lonely Escapades’ EP, a sparse, moody offering which manages to at least ally itself with heavier-hitters such as Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins than the plethora of jobbing copyists that came in their wake. Backed up by a raw and spacious production that naturally calls to mind Steve Albini, the title track begins without fanfare, taking its time to build upon a lolloping bassline to a towering chorus riff. It’s very much the old ‘quietLOUDquiet’ trick, but it’s accomplished effectively enough to warrant repeated listens. ‘Hanging From Trees’ promises more of the same, as a plodding bassline supports familiar octave-informed guitars, so it’s a pleasant surprise when the cello accompaniment calls to mind Dirty Three, elevating and adding tension to what could have been a meander. ‘Alibi’ is less impressive, a standard punk thrash which spirals into a too-obvious Pearl Jam tribute. ‘Vivid Pale’ carries the Vedder torch further, although there’s an undeniable spirit at work which suggests that the band’s sound could well fill out beyond recreating their influences in later releases. - Shout 4 Music

"Play it loud. Play it after dark. Watch out for the monsters!"

Even in darkest Edinburgh, there is (a dull red) light as Salute Mary take us on a walk through downtown Saigon in an effort to exorcise the ghost of Jim Morrison from their post rock souls. Tripping out after buying some Mogwai Cds, “Lonely Escapades” staggers about looking for a back room bar wherein to rest its savaged soul. “Hanging From Tree” is way too grungy and sweaty to be from the east coast even if it does finally overdose on art house pretention. Don’t worry because it isn’t going to die anytime soon. You’re going to need a wooden stake to do that.

“Vivid Pale” attempts to drown you – and you deserve it – in post rock sensibilities but finally decides to hold you above water with a demon groove and a cascade of echoing guitars. Nobody wears a tie here and you can just smell the decadence.

Play it loud. Play it after dark. Watch out for the monsters! - Bluesbunny Music Reviews

"Salute Mary, The Void and The Little Kicks GRV, Edinburgh"

Salute Mary, an energetic and clever four-piece, warming the venue on this cold winter night with fiery tunes. Salute Mary combines literally air-shattering beats from their phenomenal drummer with great rock 'n’ lead vocals; a vocalist so good he rivals the greats of Julian Casablancas or James Skelly in terms of credibility and talent. - Music News

"Salute Mary - Lonely Escapades E.P."

Edinburgh-based three piece Salute Mary present to you, an extraordinary excellent listening experience: new release Lonely Escapades captures everything unique about this band. This four-track E.P. is an enormous triumph for Salute Mary: showcasing Lonely Escapades was just the right move to propel these local lads to the forefront of the Scottish Underground music scene.

Call me bold in statement, but the first 56 seconds of Lonely Escapades could easily be mistaken for an epic Kings of Leon release. With the same licks and husky backbone of Caleb Followhills vocals, Salute Marys frontman Calum Haggerty is the leading force behind the E.P. Calum opens the first track with a Pixies-esque loud-quiet set up, creating an atmospheric introduction to the E.P.

The following 3 tracks on the E.P. demonstrate a respectable rock credibility. For Scottish musicians these days, it seems quite surreal not to get compared to Biffy Clyro or Frightened Rabbit: it comes as a lot easier to compare Salute Mary to Pearl Jam or The Black Keys, making this E.P. a seriously brilliant stray from the musical mundane.
- Glasgow Music


(2010) debut release 'Lonely Escapades' EP

'Lonely Escapades' and 'Alibi' featured on Vic Galloways BBC Radio 1 Introducing show. Tracks from the EP were also featured on: Radio Magnetic, Leith FM and North Angus Radio.

(2011) Pacifying Hungry Ghosts/Rubella Rubata

Double A side single will be released in May 2011



Edinburgh based three-piece SALUTE MARY’s appreciation for the pioneering musicians of the 80s and 90s are what laid the foundation for the band’s sound. With an evolving approach and focused, streamlined sound, Salute Mary pounds with a weighty, dark alt-rock fervour with post-rock elements adding depth to a broad and diverse direction for the band.

Calum, Chris and Steve met in Edinburgh and after several months of jam sessions, Salute Mary hit upon their sound. Intense live shows and debut EP release ‘Lonely Escapades’ (2010) led to a passionate regional fan base and critical acclaim. In 2011, Salute Mary began working on a double A side single ‘Pacifying Hungry Ghosts/Rubella Rubata’ with engineer Sam Smith (1990's, Sons and Daughters) the new single will be released in May.