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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Salute The Dawn"

these guys have been doing their thing for a damn long time, and every time i notice they post something new, it’s always got a new flavor to it, something wreaking of a brand new influence, or some new trick they’ve had up their sleeve. the same goes for their two new tracks, “Get In the Car” and “Time and Timing.” head over to a band who’s made it through the long island slump, and give the tracks a listen. while you’re there, check out the two shows they have announced coming up. make it out if you can. -

"Salute the Dawn New Music Up"

These guys get better and better every time they come out with something new. -

"Salute The Dawn Up And Coming"

"Like Blue Album-era Weezer or Brand New circa Your Favorite Weapon, Salute the Dawn offer perfectly constructed power pop with guts, smarts and guitars to burn." - Mike Nelson, Senior Editor, Long Island Press


ep - a prelude to our imminent masterpiece - 2007

"on the spot" & "rodeo & juliet" - national radio play through U.N.C.L.E. promotion - 2007

"Animals Doing People Things" - November 2008



Salute the dawn is four dudes just tying to get by in day to day life. The inspiration for our music and lyrics, stems from our beliefs, mistakes, ups/downs and lifetime experience from when we were kids to where we stand now. Our influences run from one end of the spectrum to the other. Our sound as a band is aimed towards good melodies, good hooks. All that.s real, all that.s touchable, anything your strung out about, perhaps something your trying to fight thru, thru music were trying to find our way, and it plays key roles in most of our songs. What it comes down to is were real genuine people just like you writing sincere songs. Music is a huge outlet for getting out the things that cant be said, molding them into riffs filled with feeling. We play from the heart, I guess you could say we sound how we feel, no strings attached, no category. Throw us am IM if you got any questions or you want any information about the band, thanx.

We have toured up and down the east coast several times as well as playing hundreds of shows in the tri-state area.