salute the dawn

salute the dawn


hard rock music focused on melody and hooks and good lyrics about real things and real life experiences.


Salute the dawn is four dudes just tying to get by in day to day life. The inspiration for our music and lyrics, stems from our beliefs, mistakes, ups/downs and lifetime experience from when we were kids to where we stand now. Our influences run from one end of the spectrum to the other. Our sound as a band is aimed towards good melodies, good hooks. All that.s real, all that.s touchable, anything your strung out about, perhaps something your trying to fight thru, thru music were trying to find our way, and it plays key roles in most of our songs. What it comes down to is were real genuine people just like you writing sincere songs. Music is a huge outlet for getting out the things that cant be said, molding them into riffs filled with feeling. We play from the heart, I guess you could say we sound how we feel, no strings attached, no category. Throw us am IM if you got any questions or you want any information about the band, thanx.

We have toured up and down the east coast several times as well as playing hundreds of shows in the tri-state area.


Get in The Car

Written By: reinhart/meisse

you curious little thing, fell down the hole found the key
the queen of hearts meets the king
let the cat out of its bag, im the bottle read the tag
if names alice then ill make your body my wonderland

when you say im the one oh i think that i like it
and im takin you home
and im a desperate man and i think that you like that
so sincere in my tone

ill lead you out of your seat
to where the sun and moon meet
ill strip your shell then ill eat
sit down theres no room at all, to ride you must be this tall got a riddle to solve

my tables set for 13, do you like wine? we have tea
my hat says poison and im mad enough to fix you a drink

oh yea i heard that you like it
oh yea i know that you like it
get in the car baby

Time & Timing

Written By: reinhart/meisse

comb your hair, crack a smile
god damnit man try to make it all worthwhile
is this the moment that you shine
or just the moment that you take your place in line

cause we all walk almost the same
like two different words that mean the same thing
we say them all just to keep the pace
even though we all wind up in the same place

if life is really a game
then gods the cruelest kid ive ever seen play
ive come to realize these days its all about time and timing
that gets us through that gate

stand up straight, fill the mold
join in yelling that you dont know what been told
the march leads away from the life you want
walking away from security can be so hard

the whole world is watchin, waitin for you
god damn incoherent contraband
the whole world is watchin, waitin for you
god damn blueprints of better days

On The Spot

Written By: reinhart/meisse

it.s getting harder. to keep my head above water and i think it may be easier just to drown. and i.m a believer that this ships a sinker and baby i think goin down. so fight the waves, hold on to me and promise you won.t stop breathing. now throw yourself overboard, i.ll meet you on the ocean floor. we.ll listen to the thunder and stare at each other for hours and talk without saying a word. and this bottle we.ll tip as we christen this ship the s.s. never gonna make it. with the words of steve windwood, its my blind faith, i had to cry today, jumping over that first wave. this is your captain speaking the engines have flooded the life boats are filling. just remember i.ll love you forever, cherished these days but only one of us deserves to be saved. and the coast guard will find me, peacefully floating away dreaming of you and me. with the words of steven windwood, it.s my blind faith, i had to cry today, jumpin over that first wave.

Rodeo & Juliet

Written By: reinhart/meisse

find your center, find your balance. warm up those stone cold vocal chords, pick yourself up off the floor, it.s almost time for you to perform. and can you sing that song to me. the one that goes do do do, please just once before you leave. spun out. baby put your hands on my shoulders and let me put mine on your hips. baby let me lead the way together we.ll hit it big. you can play our juliet, it.s gonna be your big shot baby girl, and you don.t wanna miss it. hollywood and vine. just let go of it all and let me lead tonight. and composing our addictions (nobody wins the fight), running through the lit streets leaving part of you and me impressioned in the concrete. we.ll make this town our stage. we.ll script out all our lines and act our lives away. spun out, my own puppet on a string. dancing on a string tonight. you can play our juliet and i can play romeo cause baby this is a duet. when the conductor speaks. nobody says a thing, listen to the orchestra and we.ll just keep dancing.


ep - a prelude to our imminent masterpiece - 2007

"on the spot" & "rodeo & juliet" - national radio play through U.N.C.L.E. promotion - 2007

"Animals Doing People Things" - November 2008

Set List

1. time and timing
2. get in the car
3. on the spot
4. perfect on paper
5. stuck to the sidewalk
6. rodeo & juliet

Sets are usually between 25 and 35 - 40 minutes. The more time we get the more songs we squeeze depending on how much pat feels like talking to crowd that particular night. We have over 15 original songs and rotate the set every few shows. We have never done covers and dont plan to any time in the future.