Salvador Baltodano

Salvador Baltodano

 Roslindale, Massachusetts, USA

Firstly, I love to be a creator. In the beginning, my guitar and I, later, member of folk, salsa and experimental music groups. It hasn't been easy to be who I want to be in music. Should I play what everybody wants? Well, I prefer to be liked for what I spontaneously produce.


My Musical Trail

I was born in Nicaragua, Central America, into a family where my grandfathers, aunts and sisters played piano, guitar or sang. Those early years were magnificent; full of color and motivation. Next, I took my guitar and my voice onto school stages, and later I jumped into traditional groups of dance and experimental music.
My first attempts at song-writing failed, so I set out to make good lyrics by reading a great deal of poetry and philosophy. It seemed that I should put music to some poem, when in fact the treatment for songwriting is different. Songs, according to my understanding, do not have to be linear. Composers play with the memories and the interests of the listeners. The public also wants to participate in singing the song and needs to listen to a refrain or phrase that is repeated. In my first years of composing, I was convinced that, without exception, all songs had to have a message, and I rejected most compositions of others’; they seemed to me too light, or lacking in depth. In time I reached the conclusion that music also is entertainment, and that four lines and a good rhythm can make a song a classic.
First it was songs with social content. Next, groups with music of diverse styles captured my interest. I competed in popular and romantic musical festivals in my country and abroad, and continued composing until the voice of love called me to the United States, where I now permanently reside.
Here in the U.S., I assume the challenge of making music in a country with incredible professional exigency, still coveting those fruits of triumph. I close this brief route of the artistic history of my life, hoping this is not the last time that you visit me.


Nacer de Nuevo (To be Born Again)

Written By: Salvador Baltodano

To be Born Again

Lyrics and music by: Salvador Baltodano

I arrived from a world where I dreamt about being;
A labyrinth, a moon without honey
I looked for a light inside my forest
Just a single shade where you weren’t

To be born again you must love,
Open your heart like a nut
And allow life to flow in and out
Raise your hands up, sing,
Show your sun
Ignite your smile as a star
and launch your song up to the wind.

Butterflies rose from my chest
And a rain of auroras touched my skin
The doors of life were opened
And again I was the owner of my dreams…

Nacer de Nuevo

Letra y Musica: Salvador Baltodano

Llegué de un mundo donde soñé con ser
Un laberinto, una luna sin miel
Busqué por dentro de mi selva una luz
Solo una sombra donde no estabas tú.

Para nacer de nuevo debes amar,
abrir tu corazón como una nuez
dejar salir entrar la vida

Alza tus manos canta, muestra tu sol
Enciende tu sonrisa como una estrella y lanza tu canción al viento.

Mariposas brotaron de mi pecho
Y una lluvia de auroras tocó mi piel
Las puertas de la vida se abrieron
Fui de nuevo el dueño de mis sueños…


In the past I recorded with other bands and musicians. Currently I am finishing my first solo album and all my musical material is in Spanish. I will soon dare to compose in English. In this new material you will find the songs "Asomate", "Oh Luna", "Tan Solo", "Mingo" and others.

Set List

My set list will depend on the occasion. A "Cinco de Mayo" celebration won't be the same repertoire as the "International Day Against AIDS", for instance. I might easily play an hour divided into two half-hour sets, but it depends on the circumstances, time, or mood. My repertoire is a combination of my own music, other composers' and sometimes folk music from my country.