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The best kept secret in music



Salvage's sound is definitely familiar, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; after the current onslaught of identikit thrash-metal bands and modern power-balladeers such as Staind, fans of old-school rock-and Guns N' Roses in particular-should welcome Salvage with open arms. The Milwaukee band has only been around for a year, but on the strength of their new three-song disc The Pain We Feel Inside it would seem as if they're ready to start playing much bigger venues. While their forte is straight-ahead rock, Salvage isn't afraid to slow things down a bit, as on Pain's "Perfect World." - The Onion


Guns and Roses are gone, but Milwaukee has an answer for all those schleps holding useless tickets to cancelled shows. With metal, straight up rock and a touch of punk, Milwaukee's Salvage puts out the kind of music that wanna-be heroin addicts crave. Heavy guitar riffs surround vocals that are decidedly Axl influenced. Their material is cliche in a way that prompts a grin as opposed to a smirk. While no new ground is actually broken, their tunes revisit the late '80s with enough originality to lend credence in a scene that has seen it all anyway. Did I mention this guy sounds like Axl Rose? Well, he does. So what? They still kinda-sorta kick ass. - Maximum Ink

"EVE of 420"

Next up, Salvage a hard rock / punk band from Milwaukee. These guys have a strong resemblance to Guns and Roses vocally, with more of a punk rock drive to their music. Laced together with blues rock solos set in a solid foundation of a steady hitting rhythm section, Salvage manages to cover a lot of ground musically; from metal edged punk, to softer rock. Members of this hard rock quartet include: Drew Herdegen on vocals/rhythm guitar/piano; Andy Alberti on bass guitar/backing vocals; Adam Damato on lead guitar, Rob Ison on drums. A few songs Salvage performed that night were: "Show to Go" (a hard rock song), bringing it down a noth with "Perfect World" (a slower, mostly acoustic piece with softer vocals), "From Within" (their newest song, which Drew switches to keyboard and the guitar takes a back seat, eventually creeping on waves of solos to an upbeat rhythm, building to a switching off duel between the keyboard and the guitar), and Salvage ends their set with "Done With You", probably their fastest, heaviest song. - Madhouse Monthly


2005- Salvage on the Wings of Angels (Full length)

2006- Salvage (Self titled EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


While some bands have a tendency to follow a common formula for writing songs and adopting a certain style, Salvage is not one of them. Being true believers in artistic and dynamic quality, Salvage brings a colorful pallet of songs to the table that appeal to wide variety of music fans. Many find the ‘Salvage sound’ to be very refreshing while remaining reminiscent of gritty Hard Rock heard in the 80’s with a pinch of Punk here, and a splash of Metal there. One is all but certain to hear a powerful rhythm section with chunky guitars and bass, commanding drums, articulate lead guitar, and versatile vocals. This sound is achieved largely in part due to various influences such as, Guns N’ Roses, The Misfits, Megadeth, Alkaline Trio, Velvet Revolver, and Killswitch Engage. The band’s creative inspiration also stems from intricate and moving piano driven songs, contributing a welcomed melodic element to the music. Salvage, a Milwaukee-based four piece band, has carried their sound into an emerging music scene while establishing themselves as solid musicians with a strong fan base. This fan base has grown steadily over the past two years, as Salvage has played shows with a diverse group of bands such as: The Mercy Kiss, Evil Beaver, Burbank Cartel, The Fags, and The Peppermint Creeps. The band also found themselves competing in the 2006 Emergenza Battle of the Bands, and ultimately finishing fifth out of twelve regional bands in the final round. Fans of Salvage unquestionably find the band evolving with each performance. As the band continues to evolve, current and future fans will find new music with a unique style that is sure to please.