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"Rockfords newest band: Salva Me'"

The salvation of the Rockford music scene is here in the form of an un-peggable quartet known as Salva Me. With fascinating stage presence, hypnotic music and a gorgeous vocalist, this group is going to show locals what freshness is.
Bass, keys, drums and vocals make up Salva Me. In a sort of minimalistic acid jazz style, the group forces the audience to listen with a lot of hooks. The first hook is their singer and lyricist Stephanie Castillo, a gorgeous young woman whose voice takes the listener by surprise. Shes a little girl with a huge voice that overwhelms the room with richness...but the sound is reminiscent of a siren, wailing and crooning perilously. If her voice doesnt nab you, her appearance will.

The second hook is the great musicianship of Jesse Korleski, the bassist/composer. Korleski writes most of the music and songs, and its quite obvious when listening that these tasks are taken care of by a bass player. The bass is emphasized more than any other instrument, and creates the mood for each song by driving deeply, and whipping around the audial region savagely demanding attention. A whisper of dancehall style comes through in his sound, but since hes not pressing any buttons on a box but rather merely playing an instrument, that whisper is more textured and interesting than prepackaged.

All together, Salva Me finds a balance between ambient sound and universally appealing music.

There really is no other band quite like em in town...I see a lot of good things to come for this group in the near future; theyre currently my favorite local band. To find out more about Salva Me, visit
- Rock River Times - Rockford, IL.

"Salva Me plays University of WI.-Milwaukee"

"I was on my way out to meet some friends, and right as I was walking out the door, the band started playing and Stephanie started singing. I stopped dead on my track, turned around and my jaw dropped. It was the most incredible show I have seen in months. Comparable to Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and definitely one of few bands worth keeping up with. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next." - Vlad M. Nicolae, PR, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

"Salva Me"

Although hailing from the same town as Cheap Trick, there is nothing musically cheap about Salva Me. The Rockford, Ill., group has created a buzz in a relatively short span with its experimental mix of electronic, pop and jazz styles. Fronted by comely siren Stephanie Castillo, the ensemble has both the ambient quality of a hip indie soundtrack and undeniable onstage charisma that makes for an engaging live show.
- 2005 The Lawrence Journal-World

"Jitters Coffeehouse"

I just want to thank you again for coming out to Jitters last Friday. I've
been listening to your CD almost non-stop ever since. It's very haunting,
in a good way. I see a lot of bands come through, both good and bad, but I
genuinely enjoyed your show and I hope to see you in Jitters again someday!
Let me ever know if you'd like another show in the next year and a half or
so. I'd love to have you back, perhaps with another band. Thanks again!

-Ryan Gilkay & Jitters Coffeehouse - -Ryan Gilkay


The Flavorlessness of Water - February 2005
Full-length CD


Feeling a bit camera shy


Stephanie Castillo and Jesse Korleski, bored one night in beautiful South Beloit, IL, started feeling a bit creative.

Armed with only a bass, amp and keyboard, they began throwing around ideas for fresh new music. Powered by Jesse's modern sound and energized by Stephanie's high-voltage vocals, Salva Me was born.

Jesse Korleski (bass/songwriter and lyricist) is an experienced studio musician, and offers his talents on drums, guitar, electric bass and stand-up bass. Stephanie Castillo (vocalist/lyricist) has been studying classical technique for ten years. Her powerful, angelic sounds add color and a story to the music.

With this unique sound, Jesse and Stephanie started moving toward a new realm that was outside of their prior music experiences. In a matter of months, what started out as a night of boredom became a hot new groove-alicious sound. After writing a handful of songs, Stephanie and Jesse decided their group was ready to expand � so they invited a couple of other musicians into the band.

Recently, the band added keyboardist Nicole Steed. She replaces the two temporary keyboardists that helped Salva Me get their start.

The collective talents of Salva Me bring a complex and distinctive sound to the world of music. With a perfect blend of vocal styling and musical imagination, Salva Me is definitely beating their own path of originality.