The salvation of the local music scene is here in the form of an unpeggable quartet known as Salva Me. With fascinating stage presence, hypnotic music and a gorgeous vocalist, this group is going to show locals what freshness is.


Stephanie Castillo and Jesse Korleski, bored one night in beautiful South Beloit, IL, started feeling a bit creative.

Armed with only a bass, amp and keyboard, they began throwing around ideas for fresh new music. Powered by Jesse's modern sound and energized by Stephanie's high-voltage vocals, Salva Me was born.

Jesse Korleski (bass/songwriter and lyricist) is an experienced studio musician, and offers his talents on drums, guitar, electric bass and stand-up bass. Stephanie Castillo (vocalist/lyricist) has been studying classical technique for ten years. Her powerful, angelic sounds add color and a story to the music.

With this unique sound, Jesse and Stephanie started moving toward a new realm that was outside of their prior music experiences. In a matter of months, what started out as a night of boredom became a hot new groove-alicious sound. After writing a handful of songs, Stephanie and Jesse decided their group was ready to expand � so they invited a couple of other musicians into the band.

Recently, the band added keyboardist Nicole Steed. She replaces the two temporary keyboardists that helped Salva Me get their start.

The collective talents of Salva Me bring a complex and distinctive sound to the world of music. With a perfect blend of vocal styling and musical imagination, Salva Me is definitely beating their own path of originality.


The Flavorlessness of Water - February 2005
Full-length CD

Set List


Me Has No U
Fall of the World

Get somewhere
Condescending Blink
New Thing
Devil's Acceptance
Chemically Infected
Collapsing Worlds
The People

Human Behavior - Bjork
Groove is in the Heart - Dee Lite
Dont Know Why - Nora Jones
Fever - Dana Krall
My Love Is A Mountainside
In the Waiting Line (Zero 7)
Stormy Monday
These Boots are Made for Walkin
Girls (Bestie Boys)