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Salvation Serenade

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2008 Demo "As it never ends"
2009 New demo



It all begins in April 2007. Johan was recording the third demo with In Fear Of Faith. With to much studio time that they needed, Johan recorded some own strange metal songs. It wasn't serious at all but peoples reactions were really good. Johan gathered a groupe of friends and started to rehearse the three songs that was made. Three weeks after Salvation Serenade was borned, a gig was coming up. During some problems with some members, a change was needed instantly. A new bassplayer was needed and they got Micke to cover the spot just this time. And Johan took the guitar and did both guitar and vocals.

The gig sounded really bad but everyone agreed that playing metal live was the best thing ever. But a change of drummer was made right after the first gig. The young and awsome drummer Albin Bennich was found. New songs was needed so the In Fear Of Faith guitarrist Ken Bredell was called in to help out at a show and write some songs. The resulte was far better then they could ever hope. The songs that was coming out was awsome. The show wasn't really good but Ken also felt like it's time to grow as a live performance guitarrist and kept rehearsing with Salvation Serenade. A bassplayer was still needed and Johan discovered a great rookie called Alex. With much potential and a great sense of humor and Alex became the 5th member of The Salvation Serenade crew. A new gig was coming up which Johan arranged. It was a great feeling playing with better bands. And Salvation Serenade suddenly became well known in their hometown Katrineholm.

Ken decided to leave the band after three shows, the mark he left was unbelieveble. Johan took the guitar again and they started to spread their wings outside Katrineholm. A few gig was enough to let a lots of people know who Salvation Serenade are. A couple of months later, Robin got in touch with Johan and were intressted of playing guitar for Salvation. It took about 5 minutes to decide that they would keep him. And the Salvation Serenade crew became full again. A lot of gigs has been performed and more is about to come.

The summer of 2008 was coming up and it was time to record for the first time for real. We had about 2 months in the studio and the resulte of this is the debut demo "As It Never Ends". They did pretty much everything themselves but with some help with the mixing part by the producer Fredrik Olofsson wich has produced Captor and Ninnuam. The progress of making new songs for the second demo has already begun so be ready for some more from Salvation Serenade.

Brutal, agressive and wellperformed shows is what Salvation Serenade hoping to achieve. And with this line up today, they are well prepared for what it takes to make you go insaine..