Salvatore Cirillo

Salvatore Cirillo

 Caserta, Campania, ITA

The music Salvatore writes and feel close to seems to be located in a space all his own, at a crossroads between the Mediterranean and the cold seas of northern Europe, between the fascinations of Portugal and the California of a certain refined jazz derived from bebop.


Salvatore Cirillo was born in Italy and he graduated from Conservatory in piano, jazz arrangement, composition and harpsichord. He has published three works in which he adapted and arranged pieces by Astor Piazzolla, and he has written music for the theatre. He won Barga Jazz 2008-Section B- with his orchestral composition: Mr D.H. and he won Barga Jazz 2009-Section C- with his orchestral composition : What?. In 2009 he released his first cd called "Unpretentious" in duo piano/voice. He performs in jazz clubs and festivals and he works as composer and arranger too.


Unpretentious- musicacè 2009

Set List

Unpretentious cd tracks + other original song + jazz standards