Original, Structured, Solid


Salvy formed in the fall of 2006 with the meeting of Chris (Singer songwriter of Greenlight Ghost) and Corey (former Guitarist of Radiance) Justin (The Triumphant, The Dogfaced Avenger) came along in late November. The final piece, Austin (M!lk, Aarons Beard, The Roman Holiday) came along in January 2007. Heavily influenced by Kansas City's mid 90's music (Shiner, The Get Up Kids, The Stella Link) We balance our structured guitar riffs with a melody that is all our own. What really makes Salvy stand out, is the facts that we use a variety of instruments, and we use our surroundings to make our live show as 'crowd incorperated.' as possible


Wide Eyed In The Emerald City EP

Set List

20- 30 min