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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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The best kept secret in music



“Our staff and students are still talking about your outstanding performance. Your energy was infectious, but you always managed to keep the audience focused and in control.” - Juniper Ridge Elementary

“This was an excellent show. Visually very appealing when students entered the gym. Shadika was an excellent speaker to our audience. The Hockey Night in Canada theme was a big hit. Kids really enjoyed the opportunity to play with the group and enjoyed asking questions at the end. Would love to have SAM2 again in the near future.” - Skaha Lake Middle School

“Wonderful sounds, quite interesting and exciting, very creative.” - Hawthorne Elementary

“The audience was engaged for the full performance! The constant movement, variety of sounds and instruments and audience participation make this show a home run!” - 100 Mile House Elementary

“Good rapport with audience, liked the narrative with the mike for amplification, handled questions well, loved the longer piece. A wonderful performance, fit in nicely with the Earth Day activities, many classes have also made their own rhythm instruments. We all liked how the group involved students from our school in the performance. I would recommend this performance to other schools.” - Mile 108 Elementary

“A great performance. It felt like 10 minutes not 50 minutes. Very entertaining.” - Marie Sharpe Elementary

“I really loved the enthusiasm of the artists and the explanation of the instruments prior to each piece. It was fantastic how the students were incorporated into creating a musical number as well. The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all, young and old. Thanks very much!” - Tatla Lake Elementary Junior Secondary

“I would recommend this performance to anyone!” - Cataline Elementary

“Great Performance.” - Alexis Creek Elementary Junior Secondary

“PSO loved the show.” - Peter Skene Ogden Secondary

“Great performance.” - Cassie Hall Elementary

“A wonderful performance, come back again!” - Marie Sharpe Elementary

“Great show!” - Veritas Catholic School

“Great, energetic performance that kept everyone captivated. Well done!” - Thornhill Junior Secondary

“Excellent presentation! It was great to see the students engaged in the music and performance. It was great fun. Students see the materials that were used as musical instruments and think that is was cool. The also see the materials lying around where new houses are being built. I really enjoyed the creativity. The choreography engaged the students attention even more, as did including the students with the performance.” - Moricetown Elementary

“Best performance ever! Very practical! Students can go home and try some of the ideas.” - Blackburn Elementary

“It was a pleasure to have you at our school. Thank you very much.” - Kitwanga Elementary Junior Secondary

“The show was awesome! Fabulous! Enjoyed by one and all!” - Alwin Holland Elementary

“This group did a great job. They were well received by our students.” - Upper Pine Elementary

“Thank you, a great presentation!” - New Hazelton Elementary

“The student involvement was great. Very high energy and 'together' performers.” - Kay Bingham Elementary

“Great audience appeal for the first 3/4 of time, which is really good for middle school. Great intro to the scrap and how the instruments were made. The students were very interested in this part of the show. A great show!” - KVR Middle School

“Excellent. Students loved it! So did I!” - David Thompson Elementary

“Great performance! Presenters were enthusiastic. Very interactive having students come up was great!” - Heffley Creek Elementary - SAM2 Spring 2007 BC School Tour


ScrapArtsMusic values the opinions of educators.

45 of BC’s most committed educators offered their unique perspective and invaluable feedback on SAM2's 2007 Spring Tour presentation. Teacher insights enable ScrapArtsMusic to perfect educational shows designed specifically for schools. See how we are doing so far!

Tallies below reflect the final results of the survey. By using the same form teachers use when evaluating showcasing artists at ArtsCan by Arts Starts in Schools ( we were able to solicit information already identified as critical to teachers when deciding who to bring in for cultural presentations. Unlike showcase evaluations, in which just 12 minutes of an cultural program will be evaluated, the results below are for SAM2's entire 55 minute show.

SAM2's presentation was viewed by students in over 90 elementary, middle and high schools, illustrating that the program is suitable for students of all ages and grade levels.

About the survey...
Teachers used a Scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). The scores from all 45 respondents were averaged to arrive at the marks below.

Level of artistry: 4.50 {A+}
Audience/Student appeal: 4.65 {A+}
Presentation value (costumes/instruments/etc.): 4.71 {A+}

Educational value: 4.05 {A-}
Rapport with students: 4.38 {A}
Relevance to students: 4.10 {A-}

Primary: 4.67 {A+}
Intermediate: 4.88 {A+}
Middle/Junior: 4.59 {A+}
Secondary: 4.08 {A-}

Did the guide help you prepare for the presentation? 4.18 {A-}
Did you use it as follow up to the presentation? 4.50 {A+}

Many educators offered 'additional comments' and thesee have been collected and saved in the review entitled "Feeback Rec'd from Educators". - SAM2 Spring 2007 BC School Tour


"Like the use of the voice as an instrument … Very entertaining …Appealing to all school ages… Visually well put together … Very energetic performance … Wonderful sound and visuals … Lively, fun presentation … Interesting materials … Good choreography … Powerful show… Very impressive use of “found objects” … Lots of energy ... Creative ... Physical, rhythmic and fun … Loved the enthusiasm and energy of the group … Instruments interesting use of recyclables … Very dynamic …Very creative, really captured the children … Great way for students to discover music." - Artstarts in School website (


CDs by ScrapArtsMusic include:

Phon (available at iTunes and

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SAM2 by ScrapArtsMusic features exceptional performers with instruments beautifully sculpted from salvaged and recycled materials. Expect to see and hear a fast-paced show built around exotic exhaust hose, artful artillery shells, and resonant recycled metals.


About our Educational Show:

SAM2 by ScrapArtsMusic introduces students to green ingenuity, innovation and excellence. It features original percussion music composed specifically for the ensemble by Gregory Kozak, a brief introduction to "scrap" instruments used in the presentation, and insight into how the music is composed and the choreography is developed.
In addition to providing entertainment, as a performing arts company, ScrapArtsMusic strives to open young minds to the art of the possible, encouraging creative thinking and opportunities for discussion and enrichment. To help you connect this production to your classroom curriculum, we have developed a Learning Guide with related teaching activities for students. Ask us for a copy!

The incredible performers in SAM2 are:

• Gregory Kozak • Christa Mercey • Enmanuel Moreno

All SAM2 musicians are trained as multi-percussionists and play a variety of idiophones, membranophones and aerophones -- all of which have been artfully hand-crafted from recycled and salvaged materials.

Instruments, Music and Choreography by Gregory Kozak.

ScrapArtsMusic signature instruments used in the SAM2 show include:

• Ziggurat Drums • Humunga Drum • Hourglass Drum • PVC •
• Plankophone • Gong Array • Scorpion Drums • Matt Paddles •
• Alumo-springs • Exhaust Hose • Artillery Shell Chimes •
• Flying Can • Thunder Sheet •

... and a variety of great-sounding, hand-selected Metallic Found Objects.

Gregory Kozak composes music, designs and builds instruments, choreographs movement and is a performer in the ensemble. A musician schooled in jazz and world music who draws inspiration from the avant-garde composers of the 20th century, Kozak learned the art of welding in order to create instruments that could give voice to his unique musical vision. His dedication to environmentalism inspired him to build these instruments exclusively from industrial scrap and found objects. His first show of original music, toured the USA in 1997-98, was debuted on Broadway, and received positive reviews and wide-ranging coverage. In 2001, ScrapArtsMusic made its international debut at The Philadelphia Fringe after a Long Term residency at the Banff Centre in the Canadian Rockies. Two years later, Gregory was commissioned by the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia to compose a piece for their string forces and his signature invented instruments. Gregory studied jazz at Carl Berger’s Creative Music Studios in Woodstock, NY and NYC’s New School for Social Research. He has studied privately with the world’s greatest masters of music, including Pandit Pran Nath (North Indian singing), Abraham Adzenyah (West African Drum and Dance), Elaine Agnew (composition) and Steve Berrios (Afro-Cuban drumset).

Enmanuel Moreno was born in Venezuela, and began playing drums in 2003 at age 13. For four years he studied privately with Juan Carlos Tortoza, one of Venezuela’s finest drummers, and from 2005-2008 was enrolled at the Conservatory of Music. He performed in several Venezuelan cities as a member of the “Franco Medina” Symphonic Youth Orchestra and the Percussion Ensemble of the Orchestra. He also participated in the “Los Llanos” International Percussion Festival. Enmanuel relocated to Canada in 2008 to study music at VCC, and began working with ScrapArtsMusic in 2011, opening an exciting new chapter.

Christa grew up in Southwestern Ontario surrounded by a musical family. Her passion for music led her to the University of Toronto where she received a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance. In 2002, she was the recipient of the Zildjian scholarship, and a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to study music in Ghana, West Africa. Since then, she has enjoyed traveling the globe performing with Toronto’s TorQ Percussion Quartet (2004-2007), ScrapArtsMusic (2005-present), and various bands and songwriters including her dad, Ray Mercey of The Mercey Brothers, 7-time JUNO award recipients. Christa is soon to release her debut CD featuring her own singing and songwriting.