Samanatha James

Samanatha James


soulful , electronic , positive , beautiful music . Hard to describe because it sounds like nothing you've ever herd before .

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Om Records
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I have two songs that have been released in the past year . The first song called " Rise " is played on both radio sat light radio exc . It currently went to#1 ON BILLBOARDS HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY . The song has about 7 remixes which have been released on many compilations and can be downloaded on i tunes . The 2nd song is a song called "Angel Love " has also gotten lots of Love from kcrw and sat radio . It's also been on many different compilations and can downloaded on i tunes as well . Aside from Rise being on numerous CD's you can also buy it on vinyl with remixes by , Eric Kupper , Jonny Fiasco , King Kooba , Kenneth Thomas , exc........ .

Set List

I just finished recording my album so up until a couple of months ago I would just sing my 2 songs that have been released in this past year . Now when I perform I sing about 7 to 8 songs which are due to be released on my album due to come out in October 2007 .Some of the songs that I sing are Rise , Angel Love . Come through , Deep surprise , Living without you ,Rain , Send it out and Enchanted life . My sets depending on how many songs I sing are anywhere from 20 to 25 or 35 to 45 mins long. I do not do covers all of my songs are originally written by myself and co writers .