Sam & Tre

Sam & Tre

BandEDMHip Hop

Electronica with an infusion of Hip Hop and Southern Soul. Lyrically, there's a slight light-heartedness, with an underlying intelligence on top of intricate, hard driving beats.


After being introduced during a 2008 recording session in Nashville, Sam and Tre, along with DJ Kidsmeal, decided to collaborate and see what happened. Eventually, their unique brand of Electro Glitch Hip Hop was born. With roots in Hip Hop and Rock, their unique group represents all of their respective upbringings in London, Atlanta and Trenton, Tennessee, while still keeping an international sensibility.

Sam has produced artists such as Josh Doyle, Circle of Sound, Intramural, and Damien Horne, just to name a few. Sam and Tre have recently performed major music events such as Nashville's 8 Off 8th/BMI promotional series at Mercy Lounge, RedGorilla Music Fest, and SXSW festival.

Sam and Tre’s forthcoming EP effort will be their first collaborative recording. While showcasing their own unique sound, they hope to channel influences such as Producer/Composer Alan Shacklock (Sam’s father), Jimi Hendrix, Bach, Kanye West, Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson.

In the upcoming months, you can catch Sam and Tre, along with DJ Kidsmeal, hosting all-night parties at schools, houses, and even makeshift music venues from Nashville to Miami to London, where Sam and Kidsmeal are no stranger to the diverse music scene.

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Joshua Davis
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