Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen


Female Country music artist. Everything from Ballads to rockin' honky-tonk and road songs!


Born in Nashville, Samantha was raised by her grandmother, leaving home when she was just fourteen.

Samantha served in the military for 8 years.

The song “Oceans Between Us” describes the current situation Samantha is in, with her husband being in Iraq for over 2 years.

She has played numerous performances to include the Colgate Country Showdown in Conroe, Texas in 2006 and has been asked to perform at the Paramount Theater in Abilene, Texas in September 2007. She is currently scheduled to perform shows with the Traditional Country Music Foundation in Anson, Texas and Farmington, Illinois.

Samantha is currently working on the release of her first CD with songs from Greg Young, who also wrote “Oceans Between Us”, and enjoys singing both traditional as well as contemporary country music.

Samantha provides priority booking for service members, veterans, and organizations that hold the mission of protecting children such as the Amber Watch Foundation and The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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Road Kill

Written By: Greg Young

He made a good impression
when I met him
He had a winning smile, and a clever line.
Too bad it took me
a year to noctice
that yellow stripe, running up his spine.

Now I'm rollin'
down a Texas highway.
My heart is broken
but I'm OK.
I see a little bit clearer
in the rear-view mirror
There's been a lot of ROAD KILL
along the way

I've met some boozers
and I loved some losers.
One mamma's boy, who still calls me to ths day
I've run across some fakes
buzzards and rattlesnakes
There's been a lot of ROAD KILL
along the way ... (guitar)

There was that salesman
who never mentioned
he had a wife
in Abilene
Now I ain't saying
that he deserved it
when she doused him.... with gasoline


Way out West
Oceans Between Us (For the Troops)
Notes to my Daughter
Face of Hope (Missing Children)
Wildflowers grow where they want to
Road Kill

Set List

Set list available upon specific request. Sets are 45-50 minute in length (4-5 sets). Sets include covers and original songs.