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Samantha Aurelio

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"A Mix of Sara Bareilles Meets Adele: Interview with Up-and-Coming Singer Samantha Aurelio"

Hailing from the East Coast, Grammy nominated singer Samantha Aurelio is petite but she can hit those notes with strength and prowess. With a Sarah Bareilles-infused piano style synced with a voice comparable to Adele’s amazing pipes, it’s clear that Aurelio is a tour de force.
Samantha Aurelio received a Grammy nomination for her work with the well-known jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco on his album “Never Can Say Goodbye” in 2011, and has been on the move ever since. The 5-foot-tall performer has been actively singing and performing for the last eight years. Recently, she released her first self-titled EP with producer Joe Buscema and is gaining fans from coast-to-coast. Here is Aurelio in her own words.

AD: You just released an EP. Which is your favorite track on it and why?
SA: My favorite track is “Fly Away,” because I didn’t trust that song when I first wrote it. So the creation of that song means a little more by seeing the transformation process. I’d like to call it “The Little Song that Could.”
AD: What’re your top three favorite songs of all time?
SA: I’d probably have to go with “Don’t Stop Me Now,” by Queen. That’s a really hard question, I like the craziest music. Let’s see, “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor. “Blackbird” by The Beatles. Those are definitely top three. Little eclectic, old school. Newer stuff would be “Let the Rain” by Sarah Bareilles.
AD: Are there any new artists that people may not know about that have tickled your fancy lately?
SA: I am on a huge Ellie Goulding kick lately. I’m going to see her when I go out to L.A. And Allen Stone.
AD: Speaking of L.A., when are you going?
SA: February 6th.
AD: Where will you be playing?
SA: I am playing Feb 11th, which is a Monday, at 8pm at Room 5 in West Hollywood. And I believe that there is a “Songwriter’s Night” after my set. It’s my set, then open mic after. If you go to my Facebook page, you can pull up the address.
AD: What are your favorite things about L.A. and Hollywood?
SA: Besides the weather? I love the life of it. The dream of it all. It’s like the “Goldenland.” It’s a little more packaged than New York is. New York is the promised struggle, and L.A. is all wrapped in gold, always sunny, a little bit happier.
AD: What are some of your favorite spots in the L.A. area?
SA: I’m pretty fond of the Starbucks in LAX. I go there every time I fly (laughs). I have to stop at the beach every time I go out to the West Coast, either Santa Monica Pier or Manhattan Beach. Frida Mexican Cuisine I believe is the restaurant I went out to before the Grammys. I also love Malibu Seafood and Health Nut.
AD: What is an interesting fact about you that not many people would know?
SA: Hmm… I really love Olympic lifting and gymnastics. I’ve been doing Crossfit for about four years and before that I was a runner and did karate. Basically, my mom wanted me to be really tough for my size!
AD: Do you have a favorite quote?
SA: “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for.” I feel like John Mayer wrote that about me.
AD: Top three passions in life?
SA: Music, writing and cooking. I love cooking.
AD: You always have a slew of love songs and breakup songs, are these solely based off of your experiences or have you pulled interesting relationship stories from friends into your music?
SA: The stuff that I released is all personal. I have stuff that I have not released, that is in the making that is of other peoples’ relationships.
AD: Do you find it easier to write about your own relationship experiences or other peoples’?
SA: Me. 100%.

Samantha Aurelio with her band crew
Well, it depends on where I start. Because sometimes I start at the piano and sometimes I start with the words. Lately, I’d say I end up in a coffee shop for a couple of hours and write a whole lot. Sometimes you’ll catch me singing quietly into my phone recording melodies and then, coming back later to my piano and work from there. Usually it involves a lot of writing before I do any musical accompaniment. Lots of time in the coffee shop. (laughs) They know me there, it’s cool.
AD: When you get stumped on music or lyrics, what do you do to get inspired?
SA: Spotify everything.
AD: Spotify?
SA: Because there’s so much music there! Usually where I hear the melody in my head, is usually the genre of music I start to listen to. Because if I try to write an upbeat song, I’m not gonna listen to a ton of really slow stuff. (laughs). In a perfect world I’d like to go see a show whenever I’m stuck. That’s really inspiring. Every time I leave a show, I’m like “I wanna write an album!”
AD: What’s the next step? Are you going to record an album?
SA: We are writing the album. That’s what’s happening. My producer and I are going to co-write and produce a full-length masterpiece. It’s very exciting. We’re in the writing process now, so it’s just a little baby. We have to nurture it and let it grow. Just like a seed.

For more information on Samantha and to listen to her - Amanda Deltuvia

"PLM Interviews Grammy Nominee Samantha Aurelio!"

This week, People Like Me! got to sit down with Grammy-nominated musician Samantha Aurelio! Samantha talks to us about life, love, and how the next phone call you answer could lead to a Grammy.

Do you recall your first musical memory? (first song you remember hearing/singing)

First musical memory. Hmm. I remember my dad played guitar and I loved to listen. I do recall singing Disney songs with my older sister and she’d always make me Aladdin or Simba – she hogged all the female roles – I blame her for my Alto-ness! The first time I remember performing is an iffy situation. I was supposed to sing the solo to Tomorrow from Annie when I was in 4th grade but I got scared and to help me out the teacher directed more girls to sing and help me out – when I finally wasn’t afraid I had lost the solo. SO the first song I REALLY sang was Who I Am by Jessica Andrews at my 6th grade Talent Show.

What kind of music was in your household growing up?

This is kind of funny actually. My mom ALWAYS got her way in the musical selection – my dad is the most chill guy ever and would listen to my moms music unless he was listening to his own CDs in his room or something but we grew up with Country music. My mom loves it. My dad on the other hand listens to Pink Floyd, Pat Travers, The Eagles, etc. and I tend to favor them a lot nowadays. I’m still in love with old-school country but it’s definitely changed into a pop-y kind of tune that I can’t grasp.

At what point in your life did you decide to study music on a serious level?

I ask myself this a lot. I didn’t really ever think I’d want to study something else – I always assumed I was meant to study music. Not everyone even knew I sang because I was more involved with band than choir – and yes, I was in the Marching Band!

How did you get introduced into Jazz music, and what attracted you to the style?

When I was a freshman in High School there was this girl who had the most incredible voice I had ever heard. (Her name is Rachel Copeland and she’s still singing and being awesome – so no worries!) She graduated and went to The New School in NYC to study Jazz and I just thought – that must be awesome! I was also singing in jazz bands all over Monmouth County throughout high school and I knew I didn’t want to study classical. Thus, I applied for Jazz Voice at the University of the Arts!

In your biography it says that you studied abroad in the Netherlands. How did that experience change you, both as a musician and a person?

The Netherlands were so good to me. I found a part of myself I easily lose. I’m one of those people that’s had a job since I was 15, put time aside to study, focused more on others than myself – I really believe going to Europe for 6 months helped me reconnect with who I am on the inside. I didn’t have to worry about money or food. I was living in a dorm with friends 2 feet (excuse me, kilometers) away from me, my boyfriend studied abroad with me… I had everything I could possibly ask for AND the time to do it. I got to travel to Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt (and other parts of Germany), Amsterdam, and Rome. In Rome I got to meet up with my cousin Carmine who I hadn’t seen in 16 years – amazing, amazing experience. I spent Christmas in Paris eating Nutella Crepes and just really fell in love with life and art and music and culture. Gave me so much to think about and so much to write about. I got to perform in Germany and Groningen (the town I studied in) – got to write, collaborate with other musicians and really just do nothing but music.

Do you have a certain method to the way you write your songs?

Not really – either a whole slew of words will come to me at once, or the music and words will come together — I find that if I write the music first, which I do often, I get stuck for a while.

What do you like to listen to? Any guilty pleasures?

I LOVE Sara Bareilles. She’s a fantastic musician. Also, Cara Salimando, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Bublé… I fall in love with voices and lyrics. mmmmmmmm – guilty pleasure? probably the entire Glee collection of music!

Do you have a favorite song to perform?

My favorite song I’ve written is a song called “Tell Me” – it can be found on my MySpace page — I just really love the way it came together and I can’t wait to rerecord it with guitar in there – sounds so awesome!
Also, I do a sweet version of Single Ladies courtesy of Sara Bareilles. Makes me really happy

Do you have any upcoming performances we can look out for?

I am performing…
February 25th with Liv Devine in Mt. Laurel, NJ – more info on this to come later this week!
March 5th at the Canning Company in Lakewood, NJ at 9:30 PM
March 30th in Philadelphia, PA (211 S. Broad St.) at 8 PM – this is my senior recital —crazy..
May 3rd at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA — more info on this to come soon!

Your song “Tell Me” is a great piano-driven, heartfelt song. Is that a taste of s - David Ayllon


Philadelphia has an awesome music scene, and many of the city’s local bands are gaining or have gained national recognition. [...] local favorites are [...] Samantha Aurelio.

Samantha Aurelio
Though Samantha Aurelio is only 21 years old and stands at only 5' tall, she’s got a big voice and a passion for music comparable to artists who are seasoned veterans of the music business.
Aurelio studies at the University of the Arts in Philly, in addition to having studied music abroad at the Conservatory of Music in Groningen, the Netherlands.
In an interview, Aurelio said her first musical memory was singing Disney songs while her dad played guitar. She was supposed to sing the solo to “Tomorrow” fromAnnie when she was in 4th grade, but she got scared, causing her teacher to eventually direct more girls to sing in order to help her out.
Judging by her recent success, her luck in the music business has begun to turn around.
In the same interview, Aurelio said she doesn’t have a specific method for writing songs, that “either a whole slew of words will come to [her] at once, or the music and the words will come together.”
Despite her age, Aurelio has already sang on a Grammy-nominated album, having recorded with Blue Note records as a back-up vocalist for Joey DeFrancesco‘s new album, Never Can Say Goodbye.
Though she has accomplished quite a lot for a young singer, she still has her music idols, namingSara Bareilles, Bruno Mars, John Mayer and Michael Bubleas some of her favorite musicians.
Aurelio’s big voice and soulful piano melodies evoke the likes of British singer Adele; both have a kind of “heartbroken soul” sound. This young star has seen success at an early age, and it appears she will see much more in the near future.
You can see Samantha Aurelio perform live at World Cafe Live on May 3rd.
Songs to check out:
“In a Sentimental Mood”
“Tell Me” - Stephanie Zrebiec


Still working on that hot first release.



A "big voice in a tiny body," this 5'0'' girl has been actively singing and performing for the last 8 years. Now, a 20-something, this singer/songwriter has released her first (self titled) EP and snagged a Grammy Nomination for her work on Blue Note Records artist Joey DeFrancesco's album, Never Can Say Goodbye, in 2011. This small girl is ready to take this big city by storm.

"One of the best female vocals I have heard in a WHILE. Soulful, never pushed. Love everything about her."
-Erin Michelle Harris, 2012

Not to be unmentioned or diminished (unexpected appearances for this observer), other talented musicians, singer/songwriters performed this evening. With styles of [her] own, the beautiful words and sounds of Samantha Aurelio shined bright.
-David Pambianchi, 2010

"Aurelios big voice and soulful piano melodies evoke the likes of British singer Adele; both have a kind of heartbroken soul sound. This young star has seen success at an early age, and it appears she will see much more in the near future."
-Stephanie Zrebiec, 2011

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