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Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Blues Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Simply Beautiful"

Many people know that St. Lucia is home to some of the most beautiful things in the world; the people, the landscape, the food. But rarely does someone happen upon something as remarkable as Samantha's music. At first glance, you can tell that Samantha is unrefined in her image. Her pictures are simple, her recordings solely acoustic. But as I sit writing this, with "Right Here" on repeat, the first single from her yet-to-be released EP record, her music tells a different tale; a story of a wise and well versed musician. Her voice is incredibly intoxicating, like that of a veteran soul singer and in listening to her vocals, it's almost expected that one of her influences is Etta James. And her songs, though straight-forward, are riveting, and so filled with conviction, it's hard to believe that at only 20 years old, Samantha's sound is so incredibly unique but well-developed. Many may compare Samantha to R&B acts like India.Arie, but there's an obvious Alternative influence in her songwriting and melodic progressions, so it's easy to see where one could get confused when attempting to be genre-specific. Some people could find this to be a hindrance, because the industry tells us that in order to be successful, you need to know where it is you fit. But the rules don't always apply to everyone. Samantha is a breath of fresh air in an industry clouded with the redundancy of pop artists and rock bands. She brings an emotion and personal connection back to music that has been long lost and with it she embodies the true meaning of an artist. Samantha doesn't fuse genres, but rather has transcended the idea altogether to make music that is universally appealing, telling timeless stories that promise to enchant. Given the island's creed of Simply Beautiful, we must attribute talent and substance such as hers to the continued truth of such a bold statement. - Yo! Magazine

"Can "No One" Beat This YouTube Singer?"

Sclemons3 a.k.a Samantha Clemens, is very interesting and magnificent. She took the song “No One” and added guitar. So it’s another form of the song “No One” that you can hear. She has a very mature voice. To me, her voice sounds a little bit like India Arie, yet original. I would love to hear her sing “Brown Skin” by India Arie. Don’t you hear the similarity between her and India Arie?
Sclemons3’s voice is like the waves: it has curves, style, and a wonderful tune to it. Her influences include Alicia Keys, The Fugees, The Doors, The Killers, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. She’s a singer, songwriter and musician. It’s a blessing to have such a multi-talented Youtubian.
You can listen to her cool version of “Rehab” by Rihanna in acoustic at this url. Hearing her play the song is like walking down a timeline. It’s a type of [guitar] playing that you want to reach out and touch…the type of music you want to follow step-by-step.

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"URB Magazine's Next 1000"

Every once in awhile an acoustic singer-songwriter comes along who is able to sing with raw passion and an ability to put into words every feeling of heartbreak, regret, and hope that you may have felt. This fact is made even more impressive when you realize that this singer in question is a mere 19 years of age; hailing from Manhattan, Kansas, Samantha croons sentiments that prove she�s wise beyond her years. With musical influences ranging from Bob Marley and Janis Joplin to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Etta James, Samantha�s sound takes on the one thing that all these different artists share: soul. Often compared to the great Lauryn Hill, her voice is smooth, inviting and seductive in its honesty. Samantha has been performing in Kansas at local coffeehouses and bars, honing her acoustic act and has recently started touring with local bands. Already building up a fan base on YouTube, where she performs both original work and covers, Samantha is a name worth watching out for.

Reviewed by Aylin Zafar - URB Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Some things aren't meant to be fully understood. Like the origin of the universe or how they get the cream inside a Twinkie, some wonders are simply meant to be experienced, marveled, and loved. Singer/songwriter Samantha Clemons could possibly be one of the few undiscovered wonders of the music world. Blending the sounds of rock, soul, & folk legends alike, Samantha is nothing short of original. Reminiscent of a young Lauryn Hill/Ani D'Franco hybrid, Samantha has taken her powerful vocals, fused seamlessly with blues undertones and intimate lyrics to serve listeners her heart on a platter.

After receiving her first guitar when she was 9 and writing her first song a few minutes later, Samantha's love of music could be considered completely innate. And music has driven almost every decision she has made in her life. From taking Chorus instead of AP Government, to relocating to Los Angeles when she was 19 and three years through Engineering School, her guitar and notebook have been integral parts of her life. "I remember flying home to St. Lucia on vacation and leaving one of my suitcases behind so I could bring my guitar along for two weeks," Samantha says. "My guitar is an extension of my arm and a purview of my heart."

It's probably accurate to say that anyone with (or without) an inkling of talent dreams of super-stardom and fame, but that's never been Samantha's aim. "Do I want people to love what I do? Absolutely, otherwise I would've never left my bedroom. Is what I do contingent on that love? How could it be and still remain honest? I make music, intrinsically, for myself. Anything else that comes from it is simply icing on the cake, for lack of a better phrase."

Samantha has just released her first record, "Even The Happiness," an EP that she recorded almost a year ago at Element Recording, in one of the main arteries of the jazz world, Kansas City, MO. "I'll be honest. I hated Kansas City when I moved here. I was sure the only thing it had going for it was swing-dancing and cheap rent. I wanted to get out of that town as quickly as possible." But Samantha had the opportunity to work with Joel Nanos and began to find her stride in the studio. Together, they quickly delivered three fully-produced songs and a few more acoustic recordings, in less than a week.

The record has received incredibly positive reviews from fans and critics and, through a chance encounter, caught the attention of Emmy award-winning and Grammy nominated blues musician Scott Bomar. Bomar quickly made his way to Oklahoma from Memphis for one of her performances and soon thereafter, began working with her on her next record.

It's difficult to question talent like Samantha's, just ask the likes of Matt Wertz, Tom Morello, and Javier Colon. Having played with so many great and talented artists, such a past can only serve as a mirror of her future. With such a brilliant gift and stone-faced determination to bring back to the music industry a sense of substance and honesty, Samantha is certainly a success story waiting to be written.