Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers

Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers


Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers put on a live show that frenzy the emotions of all who are listening. The unique blend of alt-country and folk music can give you a foot-stomping good time and minutes later bring you to heartbreaking tears.


Sometimes music is a collision of opposites. Realities clash and coexist, and the tension that results is scary and strange, but undeniably beautiful. Maybe that's why Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers embody so many conflicting unities and clashing identities. With a blow-your-hair-back vocal presence that occasionally yields to whisper-soft vulnerability, Samantha Crain unites the sounds of confidence and desperation. Traditional folk arrangements tremble beneath the tasteful drumming of Jacob Edwards, the heart-beating bass lines from Andrew Tanz. Lyrics about disaster and despair peacefully coexist with anthems of community and reconciliation. Here are darkness and light; here are life and death.

These colliding realities stem most notably from Crain's unlikely artistic heritage, which she wears on her sleeve but just as readily transcends. Hailing from the state that birthed both The Flaming Lips and Woody Guthrie, Samantha Crain writes with both the brazen conviction of the latter and the unflinching creative ambition of the former. Hers is a folk tradition indebted to Radiohead as much as Bob Dylan. Her shadowy arrangements and razor-sharp lyrics blur whatever superficial lines of genre or aesthetic may seem to separate these influences. It seems whatever the ingredients, she has a place for them in her inexplicable artistic recipe. Her sound is deeply rural and southern, but also itinerant and urban. Like Jack Kerouac before her, Crain is lost on the subway, sleeping in boxcars, leaving lovers behind, and dining in small town obscurity all within a few short days.

Nearly more remarkable than her creative vision is her practical ambition. At the young age of twenty-one, Samantha Crain already has a booking agency, several national tours, and dozens of self-produced recordings to her credit. Her and her band's tireless work ethic promise years of fruitful touring and recording, and their dynamic live performances are gathering a widespread community with every subsequent tour. They are uniting opposites, living deeply, and working fruitfully, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Currently they are playing shows and promoting the Confiscation EP which was released Summer 2007. It was produced by Joey Lemon of the Chicago-based band, Berry.


Beloved, We Have Expired

Written By: Samantha Crain

My arms are full of humanity
I stole it from you while you were smoking
And I know you won't miss it, not even a bit
Accidents happen but you never did
I'm the forgotten change in your pocket
Of the old winter coat
And the newspapers stackin' neat fold

Oh to be held again
To be spent or read
Put aside again
That would be the greatest thing
But your fire's burning out
And I think you know by now
I'm getting sick and tired
Of waiting

So we'll sit side by side and we'll stare
Hating that we share the same air
There is no room for speaking
And nothing will ever be said
We're the babies in cradles at night
Sleeping peacefully but only out of fright
That if we wake up the monsters
Will come track us down

We want to be held again
To be close or dead
Sung to sleep again
That would be the greatest thing
But our fire's burning out
And I think you know by now
We're both sick and tired
Of waiting

The floors I sleep on at night, they speak to me
Their strange voices tell me all things true
They say if somethings dead, it's dead
There's no reviving it
Just bury it and move on
Move on

To be held again
To be held again
To be held again
To be held again

Traipsing Through the Aisles

Written By: Samantha Crain

Even shadows sleep tonight
But a bit of orphaned light
Will make it's home on beds of nails
And nightmares
When dust clouds o'er the sun
A web of confusion is spun
By spiders crawling faster towards

See them crawl
See them crawl
See them crawl
See them crawl

So we're walking around our houses
With our eyes shut tight
And flying a kite in the yard
Still unfamilar with where we are
I'm a spinning windmill, turning keys
In locks 'til night is safe inside
Your arms of cedar trees outside my window

I'm lost
I'm lost
I'm lost
I'm lost

I'm lost inside
My home and my clothes
In the rows of my own mind
And I know it's not a sign
I just messed up this time

This time
This time
This time
This time

I did something wrong
I did something wrong
I did something wrong
I did something wrong

The Last Stanchion Goes Belly Up

Written By: Samantha Crain

Now I lay down with rocks all
'Round my head
And i dread
What comes next
I'm rowing boats that never float
All up and down
A river bed
That's dry and dead
The day it all fell apart
The day my own hand ripped out my own heart

And you said, oh my god
What have you done to yourself this time?
Is it a crime to change your mind?
To find that nothing's going nowhere fast
And there's a dead hand in the past that holds me

It's about my hands that keeps throwing seeds
While wearing widow's weeds
And the growth that comes is all crooked and crude
So then a feud brings me to you
And every single grain
Is forever in my veins

Oh god
Do you have a notion
Why we're all in commotion
Dirt inside our blood
Soon it will turn to mud
Our hearts weigh a metric ton

So the last stanchion has gone belly up
But I saw some truth
And it was enough to make it
all worth it
And so I sleep and weep
And wake up in the morning

Oh god
It's getting better
We will find a tie that binds


I'm Going To Meet the Devil and I Don't Know What To Wear EP (2006)

the Confiscation EP (2007)

"Devils In Boston", "Hold Each Other Up", "Traipsing Through the Aisles", "Beloved, We Have Expired", and "The Last Stanchion Goes Belly Up" are currently being played on radio.

Set List

Devils In Boston
Scissor Tail
The Last Stanchion Goes Belly Up
Change Your Mind
I Wish the Dam Would Break
Goodbye Darlin'
Beloved, We Have Expired
The River
Up on the Table
Traipsing Through the Aisles
You Never Know

Typical Set lasts 45-50 minutes

Extra songs for longer sets:

400 Blows
Rested Up
Calm Down
Hold Each Other Up
Come On Down
Don't Look Down
In Smithereens
Champagne Supernova by Oasis

Long set is about and hour and half
or two 45 minute sets