Samantha Jean Scuffham

Samantha Jean Scuffham

 London, England, GBR

I am a female folk singer songwriter with a passion to play to people and tell them about my stories. I believe that my music is more heartfelt and honest that other well known contemporaries and people would love to listen to it this summer of 2012 or if the line up is full 2013


Samantha exists on the margins of popular music, her style is distinctly English and oddly timeless, or rather not modern! The sound draws comparisons to Nick Drake and Robert Wyatt combining the eeriness of an English winter evening with a memory of a perfect summer. Where other artists seem locked in a desperate bid for success Sam exists in a world where being lost is something to aspire to, time simply to record and document experiences, friendships and relationship breakdown. The songs are confessional but not necessarily based on truths. They are written by a gifted storyteller, the actions are real but the names have all been changed.

Set List

6-7 short songs with just i mic and 2 accoustic guitars.