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The best kept secret in music


"This is hot!"

One of the finest exponents of female rock n roll since Alanis Morisette and Heart. Love this girls voice. She truly unique! - CD baby Stubble E Zine

"One to watch"

There are so many radio friendly singles on this album its quite an achievement, the artist has a long and detailed career ahead of her.
- Indie Connection

"Bigger Than Avril"

Sam is a female singer/songwriter who churns out catchy bar hoppin’ pop-rock flavors with ease. Her voice is majestically melodic while the guitar pop and weave throughout choruses meant for stadiums or Clear Channel radio stations. She has a bit of a heavy side to her which comes out occasionally—you can tell this ain’t a chick you want to rub the wrong way, she’ll deck you without even blinking. If Avril is allowed to make it on a big level, shouldn’t Sam Lombardi be even bigger?
- Smother Magazine - Editors Choice

"A great debut release"

Listening to "take your pic" by Sam Lombardi you instantly recognise that she has a gift, such a powerful voice for such a young frame and best of all...completely believable in every aspect. I see a hit brewing on mainstream radio here in the US alone. Power to this dynamic and unique artist for delivering such a strong debut album.
- Music Dish Network

"Only 16yo"

a Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Well the first thing that blew me away about Sam Lombardi is that she's 16 freaking years old! Hello! She sounds much more mature than that. She's from Melbourne, Australia and has been singing all her (short) life. She first performed in front of an audience at the age of 9 so she's almost an old veteran by now.

This record is made up of songs mostly written by others, but she did co-write four of the songs, so I'm going to go ahead and say she qualifies for this site.

The songs are really pretty good. I'm not usually a fan of rock quite this hard, but it's done very well. The black and red packaging makes one expect punk, but it's more complex than that. Not that there is anything wrong with punk music, don't anyone send nasty letters. It's just that punk is not generally known as a real complex, intellectual style of music.

The songs on "Take Your Pic" have a certain depth that is sometimes lacking in rock music today, especially that put out by teenagers. This is no Ashley Simpson. This is really good stuff. Well-written songs, great vocals and professional musicianship. The only thing is, I'd like to see her write more of her own stuff in the future.

Note: here's something interesting, while choosing my favorites, I made it a point to not look at which songs she wrote and which ones she did not. I did not want to be swayed in either direction. I ended up choosing all songs she did co-write. This tells me that she's quite talented…or at least* I *like her!

Stand out songs: "Moment In Time", "Ordinary Day", and "Open Your Eyes" - Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

"One of the best..."

Reviewing this great CD was a pleasure to our ears. It was such a change to get this in the middle of so many more than typical and mediocre releases. We predict big things for this little package of dynamite with all the power of a Mac truck!
- Indie

"Very surprising!"

Its rare to come across an album that is finely crafted, well produced and brimming with strong tween and teen anthems as this release from Sam Lombardi. Original songs like Ordinary Day and Open Your Eyes just stood out and shows off the inherent original style that this artist is obviously growing into. A great album and well recommended. -

"Go Girl Go!"

Well she certainly can sing like a woman posessed and now we find out that she can play damn good guitar too. Power to this artist that really does define the real nature of the growing womans movement in today's sadly lacking rock n roll scene.
- Indie Guitarists Online

"Hard and Heavy with sweet tones."

Loved this release, solid and engaging from the first song to the delicate outro of the piano ballad that seemed so out of place on a rockin album and yet now seems so right. Big drum production and driving guitars dominate the feel of this debut release from Aust rocker, Sam Lomnbardi. Look out for this one, she'll sneak up on you when you least expect it. Nice work! - Maximum Ink


Young & Stupid Maxi Single (Bad Apple/Black Sea) October 29th 2005
Take Your Pic - Album (Bad Apple/Black Sea) December 25th 2005
Take Your Pic - Album (Trident Style/EMI) Japan in April 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


When she’s not playing guitar or listening to her favourite bands, chances are Sam Lombardi will be singing her lungs out. With her unique voice and style, Sam Lombardi has already accomplished a lot in her short singing career, and will no doubt achieve further success in the near future. Sam Lombardi is a 16 year old rock singer, songwriter and performer from Melbourne, Australia.

She has been singing as long as she can remember, but at the age of 9, she began singing lessons and hasn’t shut up since! Sam is signed exclusively to MPM Artist Management for the world and they are helping her to achieve her full potential as an artist in her own right, and have been working hard to facilitate the development of her budding career.

For the last 14 months she worked on her first album “Take Your Pic” with producers from all over the world. With people like Andreas Mood (AM Productions in Stockholm/Sweden, Darren Noble of Titanium Productions in NY, Phil Haywood of Flashpoint UK in London, and Danny Simcic of Attitude & Rhythm Productions, Clarence Jey of Apollo Music, Melbourne, Australia. Samantha also co-wrote three of the songs on the album including, “Ordinary Day”, “Moment in Time” and “Open Your Eyes” It also features songs written by, John Ingoldsby and Charlie Clouser of NIN and Andreas Carlsson of The Location etc.

In October of 2005 Samantha signed a US release deal for her album and her first single “Young & Stupid” was released through her own label, Bad Apple on Black Sea Records on the 12th December 2005, and her album was released on the 25th Dec 2005 through Black Sea Records also. Her album is currently available on CD Baby, Tower Online, Indie 911, IAC and I Tunes as well as at local retail outlets across the US. In January 2006 the radio plugging mainstay, “He Sells She Sells” serviced US radio programmers with the CD and in 6 weeks she was added to 58 stations on light rotation with a particular emphasis on the singles, Young & Stupid and Ordinary Day.

Most recently Samantha has secured the following highly marketable opportunities as further credits to her steadily growing career.

Ø She was commissioned by LA based animation company, Taffy Ent / Mike Young Productions to write and record the theme to the new US animated series, “Growing up Creepie” which will be airing in the fall on the Discovery block for NBC and has already been syndicated worldwide. The series will also be presented as a major interactive platform on the web and will build a youth community style portal unlike any other in the market today.

Ø She recently won a Golden Kayak award for best hard rock song off her album on the Independent Artist Company Top 50 site for the tune, “I’m Over You”.

Ø Her video for Ordinary Day reached the number one spot first week in on the EATV site and has been in the charts for the last 2 months. She currently sits at number 4 right now. Her other tracks Do You and Ordinary Day sit high on the EA Radio charts and have continued to climb with new votes coming in every week.

Ø Her single, Ordinary Day peaked at number 8 on the Air Radio UK charts and most of her songs have ben mainstay chart contenders since she launched just over 12 months ago.

Ø Most of her original material was licensed into the MTV/Vh1 broadcast platform in the US and the material has now begun its worldwide syndication into broadcast platforms around the world.

Ø She also licensed much of her material through the dedicated team at Music Supervisor in NY and has steadily been chosen to have her music featured in a number of quality television and advertising platforms.

Ø Her ever popular new website has done 137,268 web hits since she launched in November 2005 and continues to grow each day with more and more fans signing up to her website for new updates and special promotional giveaways.

Ø Samantha was chosen by national retailer, Dick Smith Powerhouse to perform a series of unplugged, acoustic shows with her guitarist in specialist stores in Victoria. As a consolation a local pressing of her CD was produced and is now being sold in store to a strong reaction from local listeners. The success of these showcase performances have led the marketing department to move this venture interstate and a tour is now in the planning stages for June and July 2006.

For more information and updates visit her leading websites