Samantha Marq

Samantha Marq

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Samantha's current single, receiving national airplay, is remixed by The Cataracs & feat. Dev, who currently have the #1 song on Billboard w/ their single "Like a G6". She has performed to audiences upwards of 20,000 people, alongside artists like Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen & Jason Derulo.


Samantha Marq grew up in Virginia Beach surrounded by the music industry’s top talent. Her father Michael Marquart – a musician in his own right as part of the ‘80s supergroup A Flock of Seagulls – owned the prestigious recording studio Windmark Recording, where Marq watched as Justin Timberlake recorded Justified and the famed production duo The Neptunes recorded a majority of their work. Marq’s early exposure to music ignited her own passion, and after eagerly participating in school and camp performances, in addition to singing the National Anthem at a Nashville Predators NHL game, Marq moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career.
Unlike many who are fresh off the bus armed with nothing but blind ambition, Marq took a studious approach to entering the music business, earning a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Pepperdine University’s undergraduate business school. Rather than leave herself vulnerable to the vultures that prey on young hopefuls, Marq notes, “I didn’t want to be the person who was naïve to everything that was going on and naïve to what should be going on. I wanted to know what is okay, what is not okay, and how these things work.”
Not only did her education provide Marq with a solid base of knowledge about the business side of the industry, but it also taught her the basics of marketing so that she would know how best to exploit them - and break new ground - when it came to selling her own projects.
All the while Marq was in school, she continued to pursue her craft diligently, writing songs and taking dance classes in the hours when she wasn’t in class or studying. After a few collaborations with different producers, a mutual friend, Kenny Wormald from MTV’s “DanceLife,” introduced Marq to rapper/producer K.O. K.O.’s credits include Britney Spears, Leighton Meester, Lil Flip, and the film Stomp the Yard, but he had never collaborated with another artist on writing music. That all changed when K.O. met Marq. Their writing chemistry was clear from their first session together.
Notes Marq, “We can write one song in one sitting. We’ll record it that day and it’ll be great, which is very rare. We’re very different in terms of our writing style: he’s very rap-y and writes lyrics very much from a guy’s perspective, whereas I write in melodies, and a lot of them tend to have a ‘90s R&B vibe. The songs wouldn’t have turned out as well if we had written them by ourselves; it’s because we wrote them together that they come out so cool.” As K.O. recalls, “When I figured out that this could actually be something, I just really committed to her project and she committed to doing whatever she needed to do to make it happen.”
Some initial releases received accolades: their track “Lifted” reached #1 on European DJ Chart in Spring 2008, and for that song as well as the single “Call Me,” Marq was nominated for two Hollywood Music Awards in 2008 (for Best R&B/Soul Song and Best Pop Song) and then a Los Angeles Music Award in 2009 (for Best R&B Song) again for “Call Me.” But the crowning achievement in their partnership has been creating and recording all of the songs for The Evolution of Love in Dysfunction.
It wasn’t until the album was nearly complete that Marq and K.O. realized that there was a chronological journey and a through-line of emotions in the songs, patterned after the experience of falling in love, having that relationship not work out, and then healing and growing to be able to love yourself and be open to finding love again. The story that the music told, in turn, inspired the release strategy, with each track comprising its own diary entry that would be issued in succession. “Every song has its own specific meaning, but there’s a grand scheme,” explains Marq. “When you’re in love with someone, if that person cheats on you – which is what it is in this situation – it has the ability to really take a toll on your life and affect your frame of mind and the way you go about each day. It’s hard for people to come out of things like that, and it’s so important to realize, at the end of the day, that you’re a powerful person and you don’t need someone else to make you feel good enough. I just want everyone – women everywhere, especially – to know that.”
In response to the flagging music industry, Marq and K.O. have strived to be on the cutting edge of the new paradigm of music distribution. Ecologically minded, they are releasing the album digitally via Marq’s website,, packaging each song with multimedia elements to further engage the listener and encourage them to interact with the music. Marq has established her own label, Breathtaker, so that she may cultivate a roster of artists who want to follow her progressive business model and provide listeners with the same personal, interactive experience of their own music.
Although “Super Girl” turned out to be the first single – the perfect starting point to meet the album’s heroine and


Samantha Marquart - EP (Released May 2008)

"Call Me" - Single (received national radio airplay)
"Super Girl" - Single (received national radio airplay)

"I Like To Party (Deluxe Edition)"
-- "I Like To Party"
-- "I Like To Party (The Cataracs Remix)(feat. Dev)" (received national radio airplay)

Set List

Single Life
The Game
Call Me
Like Me
Super Girl
I Like to Party