Samantha Nicole

Samantha Nicole

BandHip HopPop

Have u ever heard a mix bewteen Aaliyah and Rihanna well im it. FunKy.New.Fresh. The face of the new era. Also being a songwriter theres no tellinw hat i cant do. Im a r&b.pop native from Toronto. With a mix of uptempo and slow songs. Destined for stardom.


Samantha Nicole, since the tender age of 3 ive been singing. Entering talent shows and contest. Singing at live events and shows. Thinking of ways to get better, i thought to myself " Why sing everyone elses songs, when i can sing mine"?. I then picked up a pen and paper and got to it. By the age of 13 i wrote more then over 33 songs a month only tryin to get an insight on writing. Now By 19, not only do i have experince of 7 years of writing but my writing cabability grew stronger than my singing. Completing over 50 calabos with other artists, theres no telling what i can do next or what i will become. I am Samantha Nicole the next big thing.

Set List

1. Able
2. Stupid
3. Studder
4. Lipstick
5. Thinking about it
6. Thinking about it Part 2
7. Replace
List continues ...