Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien


Samantha O'Brien's huge variety of musical influences help to create a rich and savory sound, bringing a five course musical meal to your hungry ears. She's a storyteller and a joyful go-getter. These Americana roots grow deeper into the Appalachian mountains every day with brances coming your way!


Samantha grew up in Concord, NC. She became independent at the age of 16 and moved to Boone, NC. She began writing poems and songs at the age of 8. She has been recognized as an outstanding poet and songwriter by many folks, including Samantha has always written for other people. She wishes to bring many helpful messages to her readers and always writes for the good of all.

Samantha began playing the piano at age 2. By age 10, she was counting change for a guitar being sold in the JC Penney catalog. Her parents denied her heartfelt request to purchase the instrument and bought her that very guitar for Christmas. As a youngster, Samantha practiced guitar for hours per day. She taught herself to play guitar from a Mel Bay book for beginners. She has never taken a lesson. At age 14, she taught herself how to play the drums after Sunday services at First Assembly in Concord. She was the youngest choir member at age 15.

Samantha joined many musical groups over the years. She has sang in the Billy Graham Choir and played banjo for Boone Shine. Finally, she has set out on her own and plans to enter into a select few songwriting contests in 2013. She is currently recording her first album and plans to release it February 2013.


Apple of My Eye

Written By: Samantha Alexander

Every time I knew it and right before I blew it
That hind sight's never on time. You're blind.
But I had to get on through it. There ain't no choice about it.
My blind fright's never on time. It's time.

There it's a coming and you don't know why
There's no time to find an alibi
all you can do is hold up your hands
Walk on out and pull up your pants!

Clean up your mess!
And wipe your eyes
Just look at them hills
by no surprise
Don't need no pills
To get me high!
Appalachia is the
Apple of my eye!
Appalachia is the
Apple of my eye!

And there’s been years that I wouldn't leave it.
For fear that I would never see it
Again the winter will come and freeze it all
Taking it away while I'm in love with the fall.

You better get dressed
Leave just your eyes!
Just look at them hills
So big and white
Don't need no pills
To get me high
Appalachia is the
Apple of my eye
Appalachia in the
Cold cold winter time

And there’s been months that I couldn't leave it
The hills they are a screaming
Again it comes, the snow, will freeze it all
But it will thaw!

Just look at them hills!
Open up your eyes.
It’s a gettin greener
and it's a coming alive
Don't need no pills
To get me high
Appalachia is the
Apple of My Eye
oh yeah
Appalachia is the
Apple of My Eye!


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