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Samantha Schultz Music


21 year old singer-songwriter & acoustic guitar player Samantha Schultz was born & raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has risen to the forefront of up-and-coming musicians in the Canadian music industry. Schultz has a unique, organic pop-folk blend, which appeals to audiences of all ages.


Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Samantha Schultz is 21 years old and graduated in June 2009 from the Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts. She began singing at the age of 3 and has been playing the guitar since she was 11. Samantha writes her own lyrics and music and has a subject range far exceeding her years. Influenced by the likes of Jonny Lang, India Arie and Justin Nozuka, Schultz has created her own unique sound, which appeals to ages of all types.

She has had many opportunities to showcase her talents by entering local competitions and playing at open stages and folk clubs. Samantha has performed at numerous music festivals across Canada, most notably the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Music Festival; she was featured in the Sirius Satellite "Six Pack," including artists such as Serena Ryder, Sam Roberts, Bedouin Soundclash, Sierra Noble and Elliott Brood.

She adds to her credits opening for such artists as Ryan Cabrera, Livingston Taylor, Kyle Riabko (starring in HAIR! The Musical), Ruthie Foster, Gaye Delorme, and Jennifer Warnes. In February 2009, Samantha opened for Schuyler Fisk and Ben Taylor at the famed El Mocambo club in Toronto, Canada.

In November of 2006, Samantha was the youngest nominee in the category of “Young Performer of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. In 2007 and 2009, Samantha was a nominee in the Edmonton Mayor’s Evening for the Arts in the category of the Stantec Youth Artist Award.

Samantha has completed her junior year at Berklee College of Music in Boston, on the generous Gary Slaight Family Scholarship, and will be continuing into her final year in the fall of 2012. Samantha has performed at Cafe 939's The Red Room, as well as at the Berklee Performance Centre in various Berklee College of Music productions. Samantha was also one of four students chosen to be a part of Berklee's premiere award-winning and critically acclaimed a cappella group, Pitch Slapped, in 2009.

In January of 2012, Samantha embarked on her first trip to Europe. She was a featured artist in the Close Encounters: Helsinki and St. Petersburg Music Festival, where she took part in the international songwriting/collaboration band. Schultz performed at multiple venues in Helsinki, Finland, and in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In July 2011, Samantha released her sophomore album, Ink To Paper, a follow-up CD to her 2006 debut release, Both Sides. The sky is the limit for this up-and-coming artist.


The Legend of My Life

Written By: Samantha Schultz

There once was a girl
Who would get wrapped up in any romantic world
She fell in love for this first time
But let me tell you 'bout this guy
It was all about the "me, myself, and I"

After him, she began a quest for a man that was just right
And all those years she swam through tears that ran from her tired eyes
And she was black and blue from all that she'd be through
And was ready to give up the fight
But then she opened a door on a fateful night

And I've been looking in all the wrong places for the right thing
And I did it all with how I went along with everything
I'm gonna take the pain from back in the day and let it lie
'Cause you make me feel like I'm gonna be alright
Baby you're the legend of my life

Now he was only a friend
But we all know how stories like this end
She fell in love but in good time
And let me tell you 'bout this guy
He was all about treating each other right

And for him she began a love for this man that was just right
And all those years she spent with broken men seemed worth the fight
And you could hear her say how she loved the way
That he loved her with all of his might
And she would thank her lucky stars for him each night


Yeah you've slayed my evil dragons
And you've freed me from this tower
Yeah I have no doubt that you've gone all out
And you hold me with this power
This flower of love


There once was a girl
Who was wrapped up in a lovely little world


Written By: Samantha Schultz

You took my blue and mixed it up red
And it became this purple hue of affection
What you do gets stuck so easy in my head
It took two (me and you) to find perfection

I was stepping on stones but kept slipping into water
Fighting through flames, but it got hotter and hotter
And the wind blew so hard as I walked that high wire
Until you made me dizzy when you spun me right ‘round and said:

Will you be my sunshine?
You’re the color of love that I love
Would you be willing to be mine?
Sunshine, sunshine
Oh Miss Beautiful, right beside you’s where I wanna be all the time
I feel like I’m meant to fly in the light of your sunshine
Sunshine (repeat)

I was falling apart – I’d almost lost my head
But your gentle hands showed me the right direction
You changed up my scene and showed me real love instead
Between you and I, you painted a love connection
You said…


I’ve been pounded by pain, and I’ve been taunted by stars
Just wishing to be saved by someone who had a heart that’d fit within mine
Who brought me…sunshine

I’ll be your sunshine
You’re the color of love that I love
And I’m so happy that you’re mine
Sunshine, sunshine
Oh this is beautiful, right beside you’s where I’m gonna be all the time
I know that I’m meant to fly in the light of your sunshine
Sunshine (repeat)

Light of My Life

Written By: Samantha Schultz

You kiss my cheek and you hold my hand
But I can’t speak; I can hardly stand
Too great for words
Free are the birds flying in my heart
We walk along; we sing our songs
Laughing in each others’ arms

The world it stops and time is locked
And all I can feel is you
And we are floating in this Boat of Love
Of love, of love
And you are my light
And you are the light of my life

Your loving light shines with all its grace
And all can tell that we’re in a better place
You make me smile when you say why
You love me through and through
And it’s safe to say there’s not a day
Where I don’t think of you


I think we deserve people who really love us, yeah
Who really love us
Who really love us

I fall asleep and feel at ease
Dreaming of your face

The world it stops and time is locked
And all I can feel is you
And we are floating on this Boat of Love
Of love, of love
And you are my light x3
And you are the light of my life

On The Sidelines

Written By: Samantha Schultz

I give and you take, but there's no
Thanks for nothing, baby, it wouldn't work
Anyway, I'm kinda crazy
But that’s just what I say to make it
Go away sadness; I can’t deal
With you, I’m so happy, but at the same
Time just tends to kill me
‘Cause all I do is think of you

But you take it from me
You take it from everyone
What you want, what you need to get by
‘Cause you don’t care
You don’t care about anyone
I can’t believe how many times I’ve tried
Baby, you’re gonna crash and burn
When you see that you’re not the center of the world
So I’m gonna step aside
‘Cause I’m not meant to wait here on the sidelines

I try to walk away but you pull me
Back when times were simple, there were
Heart attacks are what you give me
What can I do?
‘Cause all I want is you


And I know that you know that I’m not invisible
And I know that you know that loving you makes me miserable
Yet you take and you take and you take
And I break and I break
And I hate and I hate how I just can’t get over you
I just can’t get over you


But I’m here on the sidelines

Walking Strong

Written By: Samantha Schultz

Glory me, you have been so mistaken
Sitting under your raincloud all this time
Do you want to be free? Baby it’s so easy
Shake out your umbrella; step into the shine

'Cause walking strong will always get you somewhere
Where you gonna go if you’re standing still?
Bring on the rain, bring on the clouds
There ain’t nothing gonna bring you down
Keep moving on 'cause you’re walking strong

Time to breathe; get your hands off your throat
Was it you who put yourself into this place?
Yes you’ve sighed, and you’ve cried
But do you see that ray of sunlight?
It’s telling you it’s time to put a smile on your face


It’s all up to you
There’s nothing no one else can do
Take charge of your life
And make sure you shine

Take it from me: not a lot in life comes easy
But I’m here to tell you something sure
You gotta take charge, follow your head and your heart
You’ll be off to a real great start
Your strength and your belief will lead the way



2006: Part of Me, 3 song EP
2007: Both Sides, 12 song full-length album
2011: Ink To Paper, 12 song full-length album

Tracks that have had airplay:
- Light of My Life
- You Are You!
- I Need To Know
- The Truth
- Twilight Moment
- I Am The Daughter
- Excuse Me
- Pass My Way

Both full-length CDs can be found on CD Baby:

And iTunes:

Set List

I Am the Daughter
Pass My Way
Twilight Moment
I Need To Know
The Truth
Emily's Song
Excuse Me
Dark Eyes and Dark Hair
Someone's Here
Down the Road
Help Me Understand
Who I Am
The Legend of My Life
Light of My Life
The Sun
You Are You!
You Hold My Heart No. 2
On The Sidelines
Save Me
In The Autumn Leave Days AKA The Boston Song
Ink To Paper
Walking Strong

Hiding My Heart - Brandi Carlile
The One That Got Away - P!nk
Down By The River - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds/Neil Young
Jolene - Ray LaMontagne
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Oh Susannah - Ruthie Foster
Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy
Songbird - Eva Cassidy
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Eva Cassidy
We Belong Together - Gavin DeGraw
It's You - Michelle Branch
Dreamin' - Amos Lee
Seen It All Before - Amos Lee
Arms of A Woman - Amos Lee
Be Back Soon - Justin Nozuka
Gray - Justin Nozuka
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Blindsided - Bon Iver
Like A S