Samar Newsome

Samar Newsome


Said to be a mix between D'angelo and Fred Hammond, a Soul singer on a mission to present real music in a style that speaks the gospel of Christ to those who would not normally hear it. Drawing from a background of a church life and academic studies in music, the sound is unlike anything out.


Samar Newsome is a non typical church reared musician with major influences from not only gospel but R&b and Classic soul. Drawing from the spirit of true musicians from the great legacy of soul music, Newsome represents the roots of soul by coupling his moving renditions in the vain of greats such as Donnie Hathaway, Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye and D'angelo to real life messages of truth which correct some misconceptions attached to stigmas about church and relationships. Newsome is set apart by his ability to connect with audiences of various background with his unique communication and varied styles in music. Having formally studied classical music at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, Samar cultivated a unique aray of music styles which come from both his training in the classroom and prior experiences in studios recording and in church regularly singing and playing drums and piano. With a passion for the true message of Christ which is sharing love one to another in deed and not just speech and inclusion of that love to all with no reservations, Depths of My Soul was released to be a bridge to Christ for those who enjoy real music and real messages without selfish agenda.


Depths of My Soul is the debut album. With songs featured on itunes, myspace and several other internet distributor. Songs like Runnin and Cherish have been featured on radio in NJ, NY, MA and NC to name a few.

Set List

Album material from two albums Depths of My Soul and Celebrate. Includes but is not limited to selections and covers and interpretations thereof.