Samba de Rainha

Samba de Rainha


Seven beautiful women on stage. Together they bring the harmony and melody of samba with enthusiasm and precision. Diverse and cozy, Samba de Rainha maintains alive the roots of samba with great compositions that add modernity to the Brazilian popular culture.


Good Samba, Yes Samba, Samba inside of me!

There are four vibrating percussionists, two amazing musicians and an expressive vocalist. Together they bring harmony and melody with enthusiasm and precision. This is the simple description of Samba de Rainha. From small jams in private parties to small events and when it was least expected they were sharing the passion for samba with the public in Rosas de Ouro’s court, Traço de União, Bar Brahma, Teatro da Galeria Olido and Boteco Bohemia (two consecutive years).

On stage, these seven young women are amazing sources of energy, joy and inspiration to embrace Samba. Besides their own compositions, when performing live, they bring to life their origins and influences with unique versions of the greatest names such as Ary Barroso, Benito Di Paula, Caetano Veloso, Adilson Bispo, Paulo César Pinheiro, Roberto Mendes and Jorge Pontual, among many others. They keep the memory alive and reinvent the samba everyday a bit more.

The first CD “Isso é Samba de Rainha” was released in 2004, had Ratinho do Cavaco melodies and musical direction and had 10 new releases written by the group.

Samba de Rainha has shared stages with such names as Mart’nália, Leci Brandão e Marcelo D2.

In São Paulo, in the Virada Cultural ‘07, their performance at 5am has gathered 3.000 people. The public recognition has become clear when their concert on Sesc Pompéia for Prata da Casa 08, was sold out and about 300 people left out. Right after that they left for their first international tour. In Portugal there were 8 shows during Carnival, with highlights on Casino Estoril in Cascais and the Theatro Circo de Braga and the biggest TV in Portugal. All shows got great reviews. From Portugal they went to London. “Satisfaction” reached the english press with honoring reviews in The Guardian.

After the tour, in partnership with the producer T.Kaçula they released the second album “Vivendo Samba” with new releases and compositions.


In their new 15 track album there are 14 new releases and 10 of them were composed by the band. The cd brings the a special recording of “Retalhos de Cetim”, by Benito Di Paula. Also “Chega de fazer pirraça”, a brand new song by Lula Matos, Anderson Baiaco and Adilson Bispo, whose responsible for well known successes interpreted by the greatest samba names in Brazil such as Zeca Pagodinho and Beth Carvalho among others.

The sound engineer is no less than Roy Cicala (“Imagine” by John Lennon and “Watertown” by Frank Sinatra). Together with Claudia Jungblut they were responsible for the live recordings in Mega Studio in São Paulo.

The CD “Vivendo Samba” is an independent label distributed by Tratore. Diverse and cozy, Samba de Rainha maintains alive the roots of samba with great compositions that add modernity to the Brazilian popular culture.