Los Angeles, California, USA

Contemporary Brazilian music, deeply rooted in the traditional rhythms of samba, forro, baiao, and maracatu. Their original repertoire is energetic and mesmerizing, transcending the language barrier to captivate the listeners hearts.


"Tribo", the new album from Sambaguru, is a dynamic collection of original songs in Portuguese, English and Spanish that expresses the universal desire for joy, peace, and harmony.
These songs explore our common humanity through the prism of Brazilian music.
Mankind is truly one Tribe, un Tribu, uma Tribo.

Sambaguru is an ensemble of musicians from Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the United States that has been playing a wide-ranging blend of original music since 1997. Their rich and extensive repertoire arises from the huge diversity in approaches and techniques that distinguish the personal and regional backgrounds of each band member. It is a vibrant band that has its own stylistic inner tensions among these players from widely separated areas of the globe who share a love of Brazilian music. The result is a musical experience of remarkable depth and quality.

Sambaguru has performed at:
The Playboy Jazz Festival, The House of Blues, Getty Center, Playboy Jazz Summer Fest, Verizon Music Festival, The John Anson Ford Theatre, Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, The Sweet Pea Festval in Bozeman, Montana, The Santa Monica Festival, The French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, The Sierra Folklife Festival, Riverside Jazz Festival, African Market Place, California World Fest, IAJE- Jazz Educators Convention, San Jose Jazz Festival, Napa Valley Opera House, among other events and venues.

1n 2006 their song "Tribo Ghandista" won 3rd place in the International Songwriting Contest world music category.

In 1998 their song “Não Vá” won first place inthe John Lennon Songwriting Contest world music category

Sambaguru is featured in the musical score for the film “Woman On Top”, a Fox Searchlight Picture released in September 2000.

From 2001-2002, the group was nominated in the best World Music category for the New Times Newspaper Music Awards. They were also selected to be on The California Arts Council Touring Roster 2002-2003.

Sambaguru is based in Los Angeles, CA


Tribo Ghandista (English Translation)

Written By: Katia Moraes

TRIBO GANDHISTA (Brendle/Moraes)

I insist in peace and love
It’s a tradition, I’m Gandhi’s daughter
Oshala will bring you goodness
Maybe then
You’ll be Gandhi’s son/daughter as well

Olorum is God of the skies
Who beats its percussions strongly
Why should you resist?
I create hope
In a world full of misfortune
I’m the main dancer in the square
Life is celebration

Some call this an illusion
To wish for clarity
In the middle of darkness
People who open pathways with fights and arrows
Deep inside, for sure
Has a hurt in their hearts

There is no color in my Gandhi Tribe
I walk the streets inviting the faithful ones
In the beat of the souls of the followers
Go the people’s power that move the earth, the sky and
the seas


2009 - "Tribo"
Lots of radio airplay on:
KBCS , Seattle
KPFK, Los Angeles

2005 - "Navegar ao Sol" (Moondo Records)

2004 - "Sambaguru Live!" (Kufala Records)

2002 - "Ginga" (Sugarcane Records)

Set List

Our shows typically run from 60 to 90 minutes, but we can also perform 2 sets with a break between sets.

Here's an example of a 75 minute setlist:

1. Tribo Gandhista
2. Bananeira
3. Forros
4. Não Vá
5. Pra Tocar Pandeiro
6. Tonto
7. Maria do Medo
8. Fogo de Palha
9. Viola de Penedo
10. Pesca das Muie
11. Acredite ou Não
12. Tanta Saudade
13. Noites Cariocas
14. Gato e Sapato
15. Pagode do Maracana

Encore: Linha de Passe